How to deal with failure, embarrassment, agony after disaster in CAT 2012 ?


The CAT 2012 results are just declared a couple of days back. You can check more details here.

Now some of you might have done well, some of you might have not done well.

WELL” is a very relative term, for some people 99.5 %ile is below their standard, for some people 90%ile is something they can wildly dream of.

So this post is for everybody who thinks they have failed, it’s for all of those who feel they are feeling embarrassment.

Don’t worry. I was also in the same boat , a few years back , when I felt that I haven’t done well. I felt, I have miserably failed.

When I gave CAT for the first time, I was in my final year. I took the decision to pursue MBA at the last moment. I was more focused on giving GRE and then I realized that there is no challenge in giving GRE and going to USA for next 2 years, so I shifted my focus to CAT.

When I started giving Mocks, I used to get very less percentile (except Quants) compared to what my peers were getting and then I started focusing on my weaker sections and somehow I managed to improve my score. My friends were already appearing in topper’s list and I was so jealous of them. No matter how hard I tried , I couldn’t reach there. In my first attempt. I got only 91.xx % ile. You can read my entire story here.

So when people complain about their %iles, I know from where they are coming from because I have gone through this difficult phase of life, where I couldn’t reach there.

I can give you a few tips.

Eliminate failure by learning from it.


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I know, it sucks when you fail but there is nothing as powerful as learning from your failure.


Because failure is the best teacher.

You can always focus on your weak areas and improve upon them.

Use “reframe” techniques to eliminate failure. This technique is used in NLP. Reframe it by saying that ” Thank God, I got less percentile. Otherwise if I had more percentile and still I wouldn’t have got calls from IIMs, I would have been more sad, dejected.” or otherwise you can say ” It’s good not to get a call rather than getting it and not able to convert it.”

The point here is not to justify failure but to reframe it to feel good and not getting into depression mode.

Clearing CAT or bagging IIM calls is not the end of the world.

Getting 100%ile in CAT is not the end of the world. There are some people who after scoring 100%ile couldn’t get into IIM-A and there are some people who despite not scoring 100%ile , get into IIM-A. You can read story here.

Scoring good percentile in CAT to get IIM call is first part of the equation, converting those calls is second part of the equation , getting into your dream job is third part of the equation and ultimately achieving your long term goals is the last part of the equation.

Don’t get too much caught up in first part. There are so many people who are not from IIMs or not 100%ilers but they are much ahead if you compare them to these people from IIM.

Getting decent percentile is good, getting IIM calls is also creditable but remember that it’s just 25% of puzzle.

If you compare what these 100 %ilers do after passing out of IIM, you will be amazed. There are many people who go ahead of them as far as academics, co-curricular, extra-curricular and job prospects are concerned.

No failed attempt is a waste of time or energy.

I have personally experienced this. I took 6 month drop to study for CAT, I studied religiously, my mock results were very good and finally my dream came crashing down when I scored 84%ile. I had no options left. I had no job and I had no calls. (Apart from NMIMS and SCMHRD where I personally didn’t want to go to) I was devastated. You can go through my story if you want to. Although this is not a gigantic success story but it will help you for sure.

So next time, when I just studied for a week, I could get decent percentile to bag calls from new IIMs. I didn’t apply to any other institutes like SPJIMR, MDI, IMT, FMS, NITIE, IITs at that time so I couldn’t get calls from them but I don’t regret my decision. It was conscious decision to opt out of MBA to pursue something more meaningful.

So if you think , you have failed, don’t quit. Either try for IIMs next year or try to get into any good MBA colleges. There are many good MBA colleges out there. I am not an expert here but you can always talk to your peers and teachers to decide the right choice for you.

If you have cleared CAT and you are expecting to receive calls.

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