How to convert 100% of your B-school calls without fear ?

Today, we are going to put an interview of Someone who converted 100 % of her B-school calls including Top-tier IIMs. She converted IIM-B, IIM-K, XLRI, SP-Jain, SIBM, SCMHRD, IIFT and NMIMS. She was so caught up in her busy schedule that she had to skip MDI, IMT-G and IIM-I calls. We are going to pick her brain today and try to squeeze as much information as possible from her.

Her name is ‘Sarayu Sheshadri’. She hails from Bangalore.Sarayu Sheshadri is an Electronics Engineer and she has worked with with Siemens technology and services for about 14 months now. Earlier she was with Philips for 7 months as a software engineer. At Siemens she worked as a software developer in the power automation domain.

She was a gold medalist in graduation and have received numerous scholarships and awards all through her academic life. She was also the state scholar in the NTSE examinations.

sarayu sheshadriShe has over 19 years of practice as a Bharathanatyam dancer. She is the “1st Rank” holder at the state level in the Bharathanatyam Vidwat final examinations conducted by KSEEB. She is also a “Graded Artist” in Bharathanatyam in Doordarshan Bangalore. She has secured the “State Scholarship” in Bharathanatyam awarded by the Sangeetha Nrithya Academy.She is also versed with other dance forms like Kathak, Odissi, Manipuri, Mohiniattam and Rabindranatyam. In addition, she is also a trained classical singer. She was awarded the CCRT national scholarship in Carnatic classical vocal. She enjoys running and have run a couple of marathons. The most recent one was the 10K Pinkathon for breast cancer awareness. She reads a lot without bias for any particular genre.

What advice would I give in preparation terms for an aspirant:

In my experience the inherent aptitude people have is more than sufficient to crack MBA entrance exams. These exams test your application skills and none involve high level math. Also being good at speaking or writing English does not guarantee a high percentile in verbal ability. So then what is important? The spirit to give it your best shot and a very open mind + a dream filled with desperation to make it to your dream b-school. There was not a day over the past one year that I spent without dreaming about strolling the corridors of IIM-B.

I always recommend one round of classroom coaching. It puts you back in the groove and helps strengthen your basics. I have attended TIME but Byju classes helped me the most. His very simple way of dealing with concepts strengthened my already strong areas further still and gave me an amazing amount of confidence in my weak areas turning them to strength! It’s also wise to by-heart your wordlists when you still have time. That improves your overall performance by increasing your comprehension.

Sectional tests are important because they help you identify what you’re good at and what needs more work. TIME sectional tests are good. Many people also recommend CL test gym, I haven’t tried it. You should ideally take two mock series if you have time. TIME + CL make a good combination. For people with a lot of work at office, solving one or two questions between work helps because you’ll feel more confident of being in touch with your subject. Try doing simple addition, multiplication and division in your head while you work. It improves speed in an actual exam.

In an exam always categorize questions into round 1, round 2,… questions. It’ll help you save precious seconds spent in attempting questions you’re not comfortable with.

And most importantly – “Trust yourself even when everybody else thinks you can’t do it! How do they know? You are the one who knows yourself best!”


So you converted almost all the calls, how does it feel to convert all the calls? Were you expecting this to happen ?

It feels good. I looked at one call at a time and then it didn’t look big at all. With each call I converted I felt more scared for the next one thinking my luck had run out on the last one 😀 And my converts came in the order of b-school preferences for me so even though I had lots of converts already I was still very nervous about the ones yet to come. But since I also had interviews on while my results were coming it was also a source of confidence that if I’m in the top 200 of some college I can also be in the top 200 of another.

 Tips for CAT 2013 preparation :

I would say reading newspapers is in a way not something you should start doing when you take CAT. Instead it should be one of those habits which you’ve had since childhood. Nevertheless, it’s never too late to start. Also, reading the right kind of newspaper matters.

I’d suggest the Hindu and The economic times. I would also recommend Arts and Letters daily. It has interesting articles on every topic under the sun. However, none of this will help you in your VA prep! The reason I say this is, verbal ability isn’t something that can be gained over a short span of time. You can indeed improve on what you already have but not expect to miraculously increase your VA scores. What you can in fact do is by-heart your word-lists, read up RC rules, understand the logic involved in PJ questions and brush up your grammar and I believe this should suffice.


For LR, practicing more questions certainly helps. There are only a small number of question types and it shouldn’t be very difficult to familiarize with them.


Different people might have different ways of packing study and leisure into a schedule. For me, I can keep going for a long time without needing breaks. Also, when I need one I go have a small bite and it really puts me back on track again! Small 30 min naps between a 2 hr study time also works (but you shouldn’t try it if you’re not sure you’ll wake up! 😛 )


Tips are available aplenty. But I believe if you’re planning on becoming a manager the least you can do is try managing your own time in your own ways instead of actually trying to find them off the internet.

How to get access to full interview of Sarayu for free ?

You will learn following things in her full interview

  • How to use your past failures to create more success ?
  • Why reading a lot of books on English literature won’t improve your VA score and what to do instead ?
  • How to deal with ethical dilemma questions effortlessly ?
  • The best way to tackle IIFT-GDs and suggested books
  • How to sail through Psychometric tests easily where most of the aspirants fail miserably ?
  • How to crack XLRI interview ?
  • Why Stress Interview is a Myth and how to make a stress interview a cakewalk ?
  • Why IIMs have stopped conducting GDs ?
  • How to get unfair advantage in PI ?

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