How to choose coaching class for CAT preparation ?

As CAT 2013 is approaching very fast. Most of the students may have joined the various classes or some students are still in the thinking mode. This article is written in order to clear some air that is going around when it comes to choose the right class for CAT preparation.

This answer would differ from individual to individual, from city to city. It also depends upon whether you have attempted CAT earlier or not, it also depends upon whether you had joined any coaching classes earlier or not.

There are few parameters on which you can judge which class you want to choose .

Closeness to your home : This factor is very important. It’s true that if the class is very good , students are ready to travel but if it’s too far students generally choose the class where it’s convenient to travel. and

Batch Size : Some students can learn well in larger groups while some students can learn well in smaller groups. Depending upon your personality traits and your grasping power in different surroundings will certainly help you to choose the right class.

Quality of Mock Test Series : When you say quality , it’s not only measured in terms of quality of questions, it’s also measured in terms of how may students are appearing for that test and also the relevance of questions. Some test series like TIME gives you very difficult questions compared to actual CAT, is it relevant ? Of course not. It won’t give you correct picture of your performance.

Faculty Quality and experience :  This part is difficult to judge because every class is going to blow their own trumpet. When it comes down to faculty , the faculty should be such that they can communicate well and start teaching from basics and shouldn’t assume intelligence level of their class.

Previous year’s results : Do have a look at the results and check it’s validity, some institutes just try to show off inflated figures in order to get more attention just like MBA colleges inflate their avg. salary figures.

Suitability : This point is often disregarded but it’s very important to choose a class where timings are suitable for you. You may have best class near your house but if the timings are clashing with your college/job schedule then you need to find the class which is suitable to you.

These are certain guidelines you should follow in order to choose right coaching classes for your CAT preparation.


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  1. Rashi Thakur says

    thank you for the above article. it was really is so motivating and the points explained are really useful and could easily double your efficiency if taken seriously.but i do believe that in today’s scenario for Proper preparation and development of concepts one must join some CAT test series or any coaching for CAT institute.i have joined online CAT test series @ Coaching for CAT and i have to admit it is really helpful.A must for every CAT aspirant.

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