How to choose B-school that matches your skills ?

Becoming an MBA is in trend these days! Every graduate who wants to see himself as a corporate or wants to earn a quick buck thinks this is the solution and an easy access to six digit pay check, well the dream is not unworthy, but it takes a lot to become one. After the
mindset, the journey to become an MBA leads to the selection of a proper college. An MBA not ONLY opens a plethora of options but also lead you to develop a broad perspective in people management skills.

A proper MBA college gives you a variety of future options (not to forget a chance to get a six digit pay and a holiday in Hawaii).  The
decision is crucial but yet it will be better if an aspirant chooses a B school which not only rewards his capabilities but also provides him a host of grand opportunities.

Let us take a look about what points should be taken into consideration while choosing a B school that matches your skills:

Reputation: Not all colleges can provide you better facilities,competitive environment and a platform to grow, apart from this you
need to select the college which majors in your preferred specialization, It will be highly recommended to get a background check of the list of colleges you’re planning to apply into. A college’s reputation can be determined by, not by the huge number of courses it offers but by the accreditation and the value of the courses it provides. Apart from that, you can also use forums and other internet means to get a reputation check.

A good college faculty: As William Arthur Ward has said, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” Choose a college with good faculty. It won’t be necessary that colleges with good brand name will provide a good faculty; you will have to look out for that. A good faculty not only adds to your skills and knowledge but also equips you to enter/re-enter your career at a higher position of responsibility.

Every college has a section of “Faculty and Research” in their websites where you can check their credibility, educational qualifications, courses they teach, and work background. Some faculty also has their mail Ids given.

Courses available & Fee Structure: The leading branches of MBA include: Retail Management, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Media, Services, Banking, HR Finance, and Health Consultancy. Apply in the college which offers the branch you’re interested in also well suiting your budget. But you must also keep it in notice to not compromise the quality of education or future prospects in the account of checking your budget. Also, check the accreditation of courses you’re willing to apply and the future job opportunities it beholds.

Placements: The most important thing to look out while applying into an MBA college. A two year degree, hard work, time and money spent will become worth if you get a college gives you a platform to work for a company you have dreamt of.  Consult your seniors, faculty, and teachers to know if the respective college will take to the place where you desire and remember to not fall in the trap of “we give 200% placements (by 200% they mean, 2 jobs for every student), the fact is most of those
jobs are either in sales/marketing (of no value, field job) or are “internships”

Miscellaneous: Other than the above mentioned things, if you have an inner will to explore more, you can go for following:
Check if the college has Place for recreational activity.
Look for things such as hostels, libraries and internet connectivity

You can also grab the info of student’s teacher ratio, which will help you to understand the teaching environment.

Ask yourself if you can cope up with the competitive environment provided by the respective college. If you can’t, then don’t bother to apply where you can’t have a firm ground.

Besides, all this, There is always a will which helps a person move forward.

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