How to choose an MBA college ?

MBA admissions are about to begin, entrance exams, GD/PI, Summer Internships,Placements are the most common heard words in Chai ka adda  near bachelor colleges these days, students are under a lot of pressure to get into the best college possible for their grades.

Bachelor degree students have already started preparing for the so called “best college list” in their diaries.

Here, MBA KaKeeda, list a few factors one must consider before getting into MBA college.

Just keep in mind that an MBA program has to enable you in developing your skills and knowledge (communication skills, leadership skills, effective decision making…).

Course Structure

Have you ever thought about Course Structure while selecting a college?

According to me, one needs to consider what kind of course/curriculum the college is offering, is it mostly theory based or does it include practical experience too?

Which subjects I would be learning? Are they worth the time and energy?

What are the subjects involved in that course? Am I interested and capable of learning those subjects?

If the answer to all the above question is positive, then go for it. Otherwise, it’s time for some serious brainstorming.


specialization for mba

Don’t choose a specialization just because everyone is choosing, MBA-IT was one a happening thing in India, now its just an another course in MBA universe. Think of what is your background, what is your DNA. If its sales, go for sales, everyone has his/her inner skills which if not developed , all of hi/her education goes in vain.


According to me, this is the most important factor, I’m not talking about attendance or how regular the college or college professors are, here by faculty I mean, the tutors, they might not teach actively, but should be capable of guiding you at least while in college.

Professors do play a big role in the overall development of the student, don’t really care about whether the college has proper buildings because most of the old colleges (mostly, with poor buildings) have the best of the best professors in India in that field.

You are going to spend two years at that college, make sure your time and hard earned money don’t get wasted.

Selection Procedure

Go for realistic college, don’t skip a above average colleges GD/PI for a call from IIM if you are a average student, chances are you might not get selected at IIM and also miss that interview call.

Be realistic with your goals and capabilities.


Make sure you know what certificate you are going to earn after your degree, is it a diploma course or an MBA. There are a lot of things happening In the MBA world about certifications.

Course Fees

course fees

Again, students don’t think of this before applying for colleges, there is no point in applying for an entrance exam if you are not planning to take admission.

You are wasting money and time in the admission procedure and also you end up with confusions in the admission procedure adding up to the hassle.

A lot of students assume they will get bank loans and things of that sort, India is a country of Jugaad , if you don’t have very good connections, start applying before the admissions procedure itself. You don’t want to lose a seat just because you paid the late fee.


This is a point where every student falls in the trap, colleges show 100% 200% placements, and you get fascinated and just get admitted to the college.

Do some R & D before getting into the college, make sure they have placed these many students and aren’t showing you the results of internships/part time job.

Most of the colleges (mid size colleges, doesn’t include IIM/XLRI/NM Inst. Of Mang./ SP Jain etc.) show something else, there is a very famous saying in Hindi,

Haathi ke daanth dikhane ke aur, aur chabane ke aur hote hai.

(An elephant shows off other teeth to woo you, and others to chew)

The elephant bring the big bully management.

If you want to get into great B-school, you need to learn the art of Interviewing. I have brainstormed a formula which once used gets undivided attention of Interviewer,

Irresistible Intrigue Formula

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