How to avoid fish market in GD ?

This topic is very crucial in GD, as most of the times GD won’t go as smooth as possible because fish market situation is created. This fish market situation is created either because of ego or immaturity of handful of people. As some people start to create¬† noise , in order to get opinions heard, others have to enter it by creating some more noise.

This is the biggest challenge of any GD rounds.

Even if you are not at a fault as a part of the group you are also affected by heated arguments.

The solution is prevention and not let it happen. You alone can’t do it, it’s a group responsibility.

Sometimes, GD panel disqualified that whole lot for creating fish market situation and sometimes they interfered in order to create peace.

Here are some invaluable tips to avoid fish market situation

  1. Keep your calm and gather your best points while you are not speaking.
  2. Avoid speaking to one person in group move your eyes constantly from one person to other.
  3. Listen well. Don’t cut somebody with harsh words. Use polite words and don’t ask for permission to speak.
  4. Don’t wait for chance to be given to you.Speak up as soon as one person ends his point. You must gather the intuition the person is going to end his/her point and be ready with your point.There is a very small gap between when someone ends their point and someone starts or adds to that point. Learn to identify that gap. Practice.Practice.Practice.
  5. In the worst case scenario , when fish market has happened, there is nothing much people can do, except few can sit back and wait for everybody to settle down or have a voice so loud that it silences all people and everybody listens to you.

I hope these tips helped you, still if you want to create fish market then just ignore it.

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