How scamster politicians can make you more money than you ever imagined ?

Do you know how scamster politicians control the vote bank ?

Even most of the people hate them.

We know they still manage to get in the top even nobody trusts them. They use this strategy called “Fear Induced” tactics to create fear inside their target audience.

That fear is always present there but they make it look in such a way that “It’s one of the gravest problems.”

Because fear of loss is much more powerful than power of gain.

They actually pick an already existing problem and then they agitate people and they agitate people so much that they actually now need a solution to their problem.Now people are so agitated that they can’t wait for solution and the solution is nothing but elect that candidate.


Don’t use it if the problem you pick is fictitious or not so grave otherwise it can backfire on you.

This Strategy is called

P. A. S.

P : Problem

A : Agitate

S : Solution

Let’s talk in terms of examples to make it very clear.

We know Raj Thackeray uses this strategy.

raj thackeray

P : North Indians & Immigrants

A : Problems created by them like encroachment , getting into the job/admission which are meant for native people

S : I will solve all problems if you elect me.

Is it manipulative ?

Heck No. It’s not.

We know Life Insurance Agents use this.

life insurance agents

P : Too much money goes into drain after expensive medical treatment or death

A : Consequences : Taking huge loans from banks, borrowing, mortgaging property, no money left to survive

S : Buy our insurance to get everything reimbursed

If you these strategies in advertisement or marketing your product, there is much more probability that people will buy it from you.

Courtesy : Ben Settle

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