How can newbie amateur MBA aspirants beat seasoned PROs?

This can be one of the least discussed topics but if you understand it properly, your results will be astonishingly different.

Many people can’t make it for the first time in MBA entrance so they have to appear for more than one time. Here is one trick you can do to beat seasoned PROs.

Now let’s understand what mistakes PROs do when they appear for MBA entrance, so you will know their weakness and you can beat them.

Mistake 1 : That’s not me.

thats not me

When seasoned MBA aspirants happen to see someone doing something wrong, stupid, they always try to comfort themselves by saying that’s not me. I don’t do that mistake. I don’t do stupid things. They always think that what they are doing is always right (according to them)


Mistake 2 :I know it all.


This is the biggest trap seasoned MBA aspirants get into. This is called “EGO” trap. When someone gets into this trap, it leads him to downward spiral. Why?

This mentality will stop you from learning anything. It keeps your focus narrow.

Personally, I went through this trap when I was giving MBA entrance for the second time. Initially, I was not at all open to learn from my past mistakes but then I realized that it’s not taking me anywhere, so I changed it and as I changed my habit, it started giving me good results in mocks.

Mistake 3 :Who the hell are you?


This also arises from “EGO”. If you aren’t open to take advice from someone younger, less experienced but more successful, then it’s nothing but your “EGO”. If someone amateur is scoring more marks than you, ask him/her what he/she is doing different.

Mistake 4 :I know what I’m doing.

i know what i am doing

If you know what you are doing, then you won’t be repeating your MBA. You would be in your dream college already. If that’s not the case, STOP and listen to what your teachers have to say. Unless you are not getting results from what you are doing, stop doing it.

Mistake 5 : Comparitis

Never ever compare your success with your peers. Always compare your success with yourself. Set benchmark for yourself and achieve it again set a higher benchmark again achieve it and you will be successful.

Whenever I was studying for MBA for the second time, nobody told me all these things but “Thank GOD” , MBA Ka Keeda is striving hard to make this special content available to you free of cost. Enjoy the day and conquer the world.

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