How are coaching classes affecting YOU.

This is something I always share with people who come to me for advice on how to get good grades (or how to just pass) in exams.

Just pass, well, you can anyway pass by mugging, I don’t think you need to attend coaching classes to just pass, as there are books available for passing exams (those 40 page most important questions books, or previous years question-answer solved kind of books)

After working for nearly two years on my own  and with two different startups, what I’ve realized is “It doesn’t even matter”

An HR at a startup will never ask you about your 10th or 12th grade, because that’s irrelevant, they want your talent, not your marks, if you can fit into the opening they have, or solve their problem, they will hire you.

I don’t know how many of you know this fact, most of the Merger and Acquistation happen because the other company want the people, and not the product/services. (The companies like Google, Microsoft, Dell, etc. Always look out for smart kids with some hands on experience in startups)

But believe me if you are considering that good marks will land you in as a CEO of some MNC company, consider your plans buddy.

Ironically, one of the most misunderstood quotes on management is from my own mentor, People share this quote of Bill Gates very often, that In an interview Bill Gates said that

He would appoint the laziest person to do the hardest job. Because they’ll find an easier way to do it.

That doesn’t necessarily mean literally, I’m certain Bill never meant, to not work hard or ever discouraged hard workers, it is important to know, what he meant is he will give the job to the smartest kid who is lazy but has the basic ground knowledge and experience (and by experience I mean, hands on experience, it can be about 20 years of MNC or two years of startup)


If you pass a subject with the help of a tutor helping you, that’s indirectly cheating according to me, you are not going to get help from someone who you come across a real life problem while you start working, so why not start this practice of learning by experimenting from day 1?

Mostly Indians enroll into coaching because they want to get some important question, and by eventually increasing the odds of passing the exams, I don’t support this idea.

You might pass a exam for the time sake, but you loose the expertise in that particualr subject, Lets take my example, I was enrolled into electronics engineering, in my second year, everyone (including the toppers) used to go to coaching classes for nearly every subject, though they topped for the time sake, there were few rebel kids, those rebel kids, who always beleived in learning something before mugging it, are working on startups or for startps which are funded, and the toppers are working under them (fun, right?)

Time changes faster than you think.

Mugging facts might get you marks, but will harm you in the long term game.

Short term results of an action & long term results of an action is typically different and opposite of each other – life is hard if you live it the easy way and easy if you live it the hard way – if you get momentum and then tipping point your life will change. (30 days of doing something will typically do that)

This is not true always though, if you are one of those believers that you might start the next Microsoft without putting in a lot of hard, keep dreaming buddy.

I don’t say not to learn for the sake of passing an exam, but to also focus on learning before you opt for the exams and vomit it.

Coaching classes in India only focus on helping you pass an exam, They never talk about learning, problem solving, or understanding the concept.

And ironically most of the coaching classes are run by mediocre teachers who don’t teach in college thinking that students will come to their classes for learning. (BULLSHIT). The worst part is students do attend coaching classes for the sake of the few marks in internal exams, wasting their precious time in travelling, and sitting there for hours every day.

We need a change in the system, or else I don’t see our education system taking us nowhere.

YOU are also a student, you know how things are at your end better than I do, please share your thoughts on the same for others to learn.


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