A new Revolutionary B–school Conversion Getting System that Instantly turns even a clueless newbie into a seasoned pro who can craft perfect response to almost any interview question thus driving the flow of entire interview, speak fluently without getting blank & nervous, write kickass essays even if he sucks at writing & that too in the matter of few days

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This is Sukrut.Founder of MBA Ka Keeda.

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Before I go ahead, I just want to shatter some myths floating in this crowded GD/WAT/PI industry which are delaying your success.

Myth 1– I just need to do more practice to face interview confidently.

Fact– It’s partially true. Practice comes only after you craft perfect response. Practice wrong thing and it will lead you in trouble.

Myth 2– I need to read 500 essays & 1000 hot topics so that I can handle any GK question very well.

Fact: You don’t need to. Information alone won’t solve any problem; in fact more information will worsen the problem, especially if you don’t know what to do with that information.
You need to have focused preparation strategy.

Myth 3– I can convert calls if & only if I have scored well above the cut off & have very good academics & I don’t stand a chance if I just cleared the cut off & have poor academics.

Fact– Partial truth. You need to have good written score but that is not the only requirement, you also should be able to perform in actual interview.

I can show you plenty examples from people who scored 99.86% ile and more, still got rejected by IIM-A, B & C.

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Myth 4- I need to join coaching classes if I want to succeed in GD/PI.

Fact: Again most people just follow the herd & join coaching classes. The students I interacted with, told me specifically that the only benefit they got out of it was more practice & nothing more.

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Aravindh P G (IIM-A 2015-17 Batch)

We all know, we need to start preparing for GD/ PI but don’t know how. We have all the information in the world that just confuses us.

You must be having a lot of questions in your mind.

What I should do?

  • Should I join coaching classes?
  • Should I buy some courses?
  • Should I pay a private tutor?
  • Should I do it on my own?

This question crosses every one’s mind at some point of time as it did mine when I was preparing.

A lot of things hold us back

  1. I don’t have time.
  2. I don’t have money
  3. I am not sure what is the best choice for me.
  4. Let me figure out everything by myself

Sure, you can figure it out yourself but do you have time to do that? Don’t you have other important things to do?

The same thing happened with me a few years back.

The year was 2010. I vividly remember this phase of my life, I was preparing for GD/PI when I had first call of my life from NMIMS.

I was working in a job I absolutely hated and badly wanted to convert the call just to get out of my job forever. I was commuting 4-5 hours every single day. I had absolutely no time left to prepare when I reached home & worst of all, I had no time no idea about how to systematically prepare.

I remember, sitting in office either coming early in the morning or waiting late in the evening just so that I can finally use some time for my preparation.

I had joined private coaching classes to get personal attention but because of my job responsibilities, I never got any time to attend those classes and worst of all, when I did get chance to attend the response was lackluster.

Yes, I was getting personal attention but the feedback I was getting was very poor & dismal.

I was given no further steps for improvement & was even told that “The only benefit you will get out & coaching classes is you won’t do mistakes in FAQ

After paying 10K, this is the reply I got.

Yes. There were people who converted IIM, XLRI, SP-Jain, JBIMS, IIFT, FMS calls from the same class but I wasn’t on the same page. These people were already good at GD & even in PI, some of them even had attended GD/PI the year before.

In short, when I started out, I had poor communication skills, no real knowledge about how to answer PI questions. I had no skills, no Road-map.

I felt like ship without the rudder

On one fine day, just 2 days before my NM GD/PI, I was told by one of the instructors that I just need to improve my communication & interviewing skills but wasn’t told how.

I was left to figure out everything by myself.

What is the heck I was going to do?

My interview was approaching fast. I had gained almost nothing after paying 10K apart from some good help in SOP & exposure to 3-4 GDs but there was no skill improvement

I could have easily justified the expense if it would have been a totally different experience altogether but unfortunately, it wasn’t.

This story is lot like thousands of MBA aspirants that meet with soul crushing defeat.

Every year, I see many aspirants score very good percentile in CAT crack other entrance tests, get call from IIMs & other elite B- schools but eventually either they have to settle for B-school which is way too below their true capabilities or they have to repeat CAT next year hoping to get better calls again.

It’s almost sad to see their dreams shattering in front of my eyes. I have been there, I know how painful it’s to accept when you know for a fact you just needed the right kind of help just at the right time along with that extra push & you would have definitely made it to your dream B-school.

It’s absolutely heart breaking because

It’s not just a B-school call, it’s someone’s dream

It represents hundred of hours of hard work, money, energy, soul, put into big vision that failed catastrophically.

For normal aspirants, I call it ‘HOPE’ strategy you have some hope that you will convert the call

  1. You join some classes and hope to get some help
  2. Check facebook groups, check Pagalguy forum & prepare haphazardly & half-heartedly.


The final result is pre-decided most of the times.

Now, HOPE is uplifting & wonderful in many areas of your life if you are shipwrecked at sea, stuck in an elevator, hope can keep you alive while you wait to rescued but when it come to converting B-school calls, hope is ugly word, nasty word & soul sucking word.


You don’t need more information. What you really need is a powerful system

Taken from a book “The Culture Code

“Years ago, Tufts University invited me to lecture during a symposium on obesity…

Lecturer after lecturer offered solutions for America’s obesity problem, all of which revolved around education. Americans would be thinner if only they knew about good nutrition and the benefits of exercise, they told us. Slimming down the entire country was possible through an aggressive public awareness campaign…

When it was my turn to speak, I couldn’t help beginning with an observation. “I think it is fascinating that the other speakers today have suggested that education is the answer to our country’s obesity problem,” I said. I slowly gestured around the room. “If education is the answer, then why hasn’t it helped more of you?”

There were audible gasps in the auditorium when I said this, quite a few snickers, and five times as many sneers.

Unsurprisingly, Tufts never invited me to lecture again.”

Success is not just hard work. It’s more about having a powerful system.

People who convert best B-school calls don’t prepare haphazardly they prepare systematically.

Introducing GD/WAT/PI Revolution

Finally, no more vague theories, platitudes and trite responses.

How to Reverse Rejection Switch, Get rid of writer’s block forever, Communicate confidently without getting blank, Sail past your competition in just matter of 7 days or less ?

Conventional methods are becoming obsolete & loosing its effectiveness as everyone else is using them over & over again.

They are not only counter-intuitive but they will also delay your results indefinitely and keep you from converting the calls. These conventional methods are taught in most of the coaching classes.

But, I have already joined coaching classes

I totally get it; it’s natural to have this question. The question is why did you join it.

Just joining them blindly because everybody else has joined is not going to give you any competitive edge.Think again. In fact, it’s going to waste your time and money.


But wait,

How your course is different from other coaching classes/other courses?

I am glad you asked, here is what some students have to say



kritika - Copy

Kritika Sota (NMIMS 2015-17 Batch)


Get GD/WAT/PI Revolution Now

It actually took 3-4 months to prepare this course. I had to go through hundreds of books, blogs posts/ resources on Psychology, Marketing, Systems, Sales, Body-Language, Law, Negotiation, and Dating.

I went through almost hundreds of hours of research going through more than 500 feedback responses from students.

I listed the problems which weren’t addressed by anybody. I took the concepts from all these fields and created a simple model where I synthesized methods into easy to follow step by step system so you don’t have to rely on boring old school methods taught by any coaching class.

But you must be asking

“Sure, but how can it help me?

Let me explain

I have made the process very simple & broke it down into simple steps, so anyone (even a newbie) can follow the methodology to create results.I have removed all the guess work from the picture.

I have made it as scientific yet easy to follow as humanly possible.



Abhijit Dalai (IIM-Bangalore 2015-17 Batch)

Let me tell you how

  1. Learn 3 step formula to crack any interview question
  2. 3 step process to write killer SOP
  3. 4 step formula to write kickass essay even if you suck at writing
  4. How to improve critical thinking power using different checklists?
  5. 4 specific frameworks to handle various interview questions
  6. Process to find out your hooks, strengths, gifts, passions and capabilities
  7. Deep research methodology to find out future roles, responsibilities & career progression


“But I have joined classes, how it will still benefit me?”

See, this is complementary to coaching classes; however whatever I teach is vastly different from them, you should use coaching classes mainly for live experience of GD/PI as some students of GD/WAT/PI Revolution do

“I am already prepared.I don’t want to change my approach by learning new things just before the interview”

I have helped even those who joined this just 2 days before their GD/PI. See this.


Enroll for GD/WAT/PI Revolution Now

I am not telling you to join 2-3 days before your GD/PI but you don’t need to totally change your approach. In fact, I will show you how to make your answers more powerful, so you don’t even have to blindly memorize them.

In fact, I will help you plug those holes left by coaching classes in your preparation strategy so your deliver perfect response, correct crippling mistakes which might stop you from converting those calls.

Sometimes, a few words can make a hell lot of difference.

“But, I have already spent a lot of money on coaching classes.”

I am not going to charge you arm & leg for this; however, I want to tell you that anybody can take advantage of this powerful system

What you will get inside the course

Lesson 1: Welcome Lesson

a. Lay the Groundwork

Lesson 2: Daily Rituals

a. How to Create Perfect System to make sure you are doing the Required Things every single day?
b. Learn Psychological Triggers to manage your time well
c. Very Simple way to Practice for your PI without having to join expensive coaching classes
d. A unique way to clear up your voice, correct your pitch, adjust your pace and improve you tone

Lesson 3: Foundation

a. Find your personality type
b. How to find out your Irresistible Hooks?
c. How to really identify your Strengths?
d. How to find out your unique capabilities including your gifts, passion, and values and acquired skills?

Lesson 4: Deep Research

a. How to conduct deep Research to find out real information instead of assuming things?
b. How to identify your future roles, responsibilities and career progression while framing your answers for questions like Why MBA and Why this Institute?
c. A sneaky yet effective way to get in touch with Alumni of Institute to gather the most important data

Lesson 5: SOP

a. 3 Step Formula to write killer SOP
b. A step by step formula to identify irresistible hooks in your story and blend them perfectly to crank out SOP which stands out
c. My unique mind-mapping technique to write logically coherent SOP
d. How to use story-vault technique for making your SOP alive instead of using some boring, trite sentences?

Lesson 6: Interview

a. Competence and Incompetence Triggers
b. 4 Frameworks to Answer any Interview Question

i) 3 Step Formula including Empathy Mapping

ii) Irresistible Intrigue Formula

iii) High Level + Specific Example + High Level Takeaway

iv) Scenario Planning Method

c. How to handle questions like “What’s your biggest weakness?” “What’s your biggest failure?” “Why should we select you?” without getting stressed out
d. How to answer questions like “Why MBA?” “Why this Institute?” without giving the same prepared response
e. How to handle questions like “Why Career Gap?” “Why Poor Graduation Score?” “Why did you leave the job?” gracefully?”
f. What to do if the question catches you off guard?
g. How to deal with stress using 2 uniquely simple techniques?
h. How to deploy advanced strategies like ARMS and Harvard Negotiation Project Method to invalidate difficult questions or diffuse the stress during stress interview?
i. How to handle Ethics and Morality questions?

Lesson 7: Group Discussion

a. How to get rid of limiting beliefs which are stalling your progress in GD?
b. How not to create Enemies by disagreeing with people?
c. How to create content on the spot if you only have very little idea about the topic?
d. Learn Entry Strategies in GD
e. Learn different roles played in GD and learn which role you should be playing most of the time
f. Tapping the Network method to gather more information within hours without having to spend weeks to read hundreds of articles
g. Two Advanced methods to prepare for GD which come very close to real life GD without having to join expensive coaching classes

Lesson 8: Essay Writing

a. 2 unique writing techniques Best-selling Authors use to de-clutter mind and promote creative thinking
b. Brain cleanse method to get rid of all unwanted things from your mind before you start writing an Essay
c. 4 Step Formula to write Kickass Essay even if you suck at writing
d. How to develop your critical thinking muscle while you practice?
e. How to use different checklists while practicing to make sure you are practicing the right way?
f. How to create content on the spot using 3 unique methods?
g. 10 types of Essay Writers and why you shouldn’t try to be any one of them

7-Day No Obligation Free Trial of GK portal where you can learn everything in easy to understand infographic and picture format instead of learning by rote memorization.

I want GD/WAT/PI Revolution Now

This works even if you have only one call, even if you are just starting out or even when you have already done this before.

Imagine this for a moment

How wonderful it’s, not having to memorize your responses when you know the predictable process, how it will make you feel when you have successfully answered those why MBA, about me and even those Stress Interview questions maintaining your control, how easy it would be if you start to communicate clearly without getting blank.

And the ultimate joy you will get when you see this “Congratulations, you are selected for

[Dream B-School]”


Shekhar Prasad (SIBM-Pune 2015-17 Batch)

divyashree panda

Divyashree Panda (IIM-Bangalore 2015-17 Batch)

Take Advantage of GD/WAT/PI Revolution

Now, I can’t take credit for the system. It’s countless hours of research. I wish someone handed me over this complete blueprint when I was just a struggling newbie.

Plus, the best part is you don’t need to put in several months to prepare. It can be done in as much as 7 days or less.

Of course, you can’t become master in 7 days but at least you will start noticing considerable difference in your preparation.

It’s that simple.

Don’t be fooled by simplicity E = mc2, it looks simple but it’s also one of the most powerful equations in Physics. Simple doesn’t mean easy.

This is comprehensive & to the point. You don’t have to go through 1000s of pages.

It’s a Treasure Map.

How many pages of treasure map you really need?

These steps are simple but do it alone end up nowhere, confused frustrated with no results

You need to know the exact things


This is definitely not for everyone

Is wrong for you if

  1. You think “simple” means “no hard work”. Dream on. You want to convert best call and don’t want to do hard work, please leave.
  2. You don’t want to change the way you are doing preparation. I talk about certain things you need to tweak, apply so that you can see the results very quickly.
  3. This is not for you, if you want to buy & then expect the results very next day. Sorry, it doesn’t work like that. It’s for people who are interested in doing serious work. This is not “Get Results Quick” program.
  4. If thought of investing in education terrifies you, because you have invested your life savings into MBA admissions & coaching classes then you are certainly not in.
  5. If you are one of those who purchase, ask for everything & refund the same or next day. If you are even thinking about doing this, then leave this site immediately.

If you don’t take advantage of their offer I will have a parting gift for you.

Parting gift is dose of reality.

You can keep doing exactly what you are doing

This will probably keep you from converting your best calls or worst, any other calls you might have.

And you have to start preparing for the next year like most people usually do. Prepare for entrance tests, get some calls, get rejected, prepare again. Nobody takes you seriously, nobody respects you even your colleagues, your friends, your parents. Nobody.

Imagine the moment, when your self-worth is questioned

You will constantly be jealous of your friends who have converted calls, getting in their dream B-schools, enjoying, posting updates on facebook while you continue working in the same old company, doing the same work you really hate doing or even worse, you might even have to drop your MBA plans & start preparing for GMAT or prepare for executive MBA.

Sure that’s not much of a gift but I believe in tough love and I believe in you. I believe that you will make best decision for your converting the best call minimizing failure chances and thus living life of dream.

Everyday second you wait, the odds are good, you will do nothing. Success in life requires acting right now while it’s fresh in your mind.


Joydeep Sarkar (NMIMS Convert)

Get GD/WAT/PI Revolution Now



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