Have you found out your Harry yet ?

Today, I want to tell y’all an interesting story about Harry.

It’s something I have used and use currently to get myself out of my comfort zone.

What’s that ?

Well, not so fast.

I am going to narrate you a story.

A couple of years back, I was attending an eventĀ , I heard a speaker sharing about how he built his multi-million dollar business starting from scratch and no matter what he did, this Harry (not his actual name) always tried to sabotage his plans. His Harry gave him absolute nightmares. This Harry used to tell all of their common friends bad about him. This Harry went to such an extent, that he used to warn other people, not to deal with him by telling them, how evil he was. Harry was absolute pain in the a**.

Long story short.

But the speaker owes a large part of his success to the Harry.

Interesting , isn’t it ?

But why did he do that ?

Because this Harry became his only “driving force“. He eventually proved Harry wrong. Proving Harry “wrong” became only aim of his life and rest is history.

The interesting thing is now-a-days nobody pays heed to this Harry and his words are falling on deaf ears . It seems that Harry must have stopped his inane blabbering or Harry must have completely disappeared from this planet.

I don’t know.

What’s the lesson in this , before I tell you the message, just go through this.

I got a message from a female reader of my blog

” My brother doesn’t believe that I can crack CAT and constantly ridicules me and looks down upon me. What should I do ?”

Well, the answer is simple.

Make your brother your Harry, instead of getting bogged down by your brother’s criticism, choose to work towards CAT and divert your anger towards proving him wrong.

The point is “Find your Harry” who is constantly making your life miserable and instead of arguing with him, let your actions speak. When you feel yourself demotivated, do this exercise to get charged up.

So I want to ask you a question like the speaker posed

“Have you found out your Harry yet ?”

When I was failing in CAT and people were laughing at me, pestering me to give up. I exactly knew who my Harry was and I kept quiet instead of answering those trolls and eventually I kind of proved them wrong.

Make a goal to find your Harry. Everybody has their Harry( sometimes it’s clearly visible , sometimes it’s friend, relative in disguise)

If you prove your “Harry” wrong, it will be the most rewarding and satisfying experience ever.Make this Harry look stupid in front of all other people.

When I told some of my friends, who were dumbstruck after hearing I got IIM calls and were in denial and some are still in denial. Let them burn in hell.

But make sure , you always follow the exercise I mentioned above.

P.S. If you want to shred your Harry into pieces, check out this resource.

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Sukrut is a passionate geek, internet visionary and a full time blogger, he has been teaching MBA students from the past two years, he is a chemical engineer by qualification,. Read my full story here




  1. Rishi Singh says

    I have lot of Harry in my life and its true that this force can really give you lot of power to succeed.i would say they are more important than friends for success.

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