Have backup plans, even if you go for CAT

Exploring options apart from CAT would help people to identify back up plans and would reduce their dependency on just a single exam like CAT.

Says Asad Ali who recently converted his NMIMS and IIM-Shillong calls and waiting for IIM-Indore results.He was working at Infosys as a System Engineer. He is a fitness freak, believes in quality over quantity. His work experience boasts of developing application for Apple Inc., where he was a sole fresher in that team. He is interested in making career in Consulting but still he is flexible in his choices.

Was this your first attempt at cracking MBA entrance ? If not tell us more about your previous attempts ?

No, this was my third attempt at CAT. I secured 73 and 91.24 respectively in my first and second attempt. My first attempt was not a serious one. In my second attempt I started preparing seriously. But a disciplined and systematic approach was what helped me in cracking CAT,  the third time I wrote.

You know when people fail to crack CAT, they feel like they have lost everything, what tips you will give them to cope up with failure and what they should do in order to get over that feeling ?

People should first of all decide whether they want to go in for a management career or not. And if yes, then what is the reason behind that. Based on that they should explore all the possible options available. This would help them to identify back up plans and would reduce their dependency on just a single exam like CAT.

How did you prepare this year? Had you joined any classes for written exam and GD/PI ? Did classes really help you or you would have still cracked the CAT without classes ?

I had already done my basic preparation in the last attempt. This time I mainly focused on solving mock CATs and analyzing them. Yes, I had registered for test series with TIME and CL. They were really beneficial. I also joined classes for GD/PI and that really helped me in my presentation and communication skills.

How was your NMAT experience? We heard that you had an awesome PI, can you share your experience in brief?

NMAT experience was good. I wrote NMAT twice. In my first attempt I had low marks so wrote it again and secured 220 marks. PI was smooth. I was able to handle it well. It mostly revolved around my work experience and some general questions on my hobbies etc.

What’s the biggest contributor in your success?

My biggest contributor in this success in the hard work and my dedication and determination. A proper study schedule and managing studies with work was something challenging but I was able to manage it well.

Why did you decided to do MBA ? Have you decided the field? How flexible are you?

I decided to go for MBA as I wanted to make a move from IT and get into consultancy. No I haven’t decided my field yet. I have to gain some more information before I make up my mind to study a particular course.

You have got some IIM calls also, can you tell more about your IIM experience?

I got calls from IIM Bangalore, Indore and Shillong thanks to my good academic record. While IIM Bangalore interview was a different one in the sense it was more of a stress interview, IIM Shillong had a smooth interview where they touched almost all the aspects like academics, hobbies, work experience, general knowledge and ethics. IIM Indore interview was also a smooth one focusing heavily on academics. I got a reject from IIM-Bangalore but was able to convert IIM-Shillong. Awaiting results for IIM-Indore.

Can you throw more light on your experience at IIM-B ? You said, it was stress interview, did everybody face the same situation ? Any tips to handle stress interview ?

Yes, at my center everybody faced a stress interview.To handle a stress interview, one should remain calm and not get bogged down by the behavior of the panel. That’s the key to it.

What mistakes students should avoid while handling difficult situation in GD or PI ?

During PI, one should stay away from lying or beating around the bush. You should be very crisp in your answers. In a GD, avoid rephrasing someone else’s point. It never helps. You should read a lot. Current affairs help you in GD as well as in PI.

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