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India has a rich tradition; learning in India through the ages had been prized and pursued not for its own sake, if we may so put it, but for the sake, and as a part of living.


Learning was divine, be it medicine, maths, chemistry or any other form of knowledge, knowledge was power (It’s degree now)


Religion and education

Saraswati: the Goddess of education is not just a Hindu goddess, every student believes in her or respects her, It is hurting to gulp the fact that our education is going nowhere even after being in a country where students are supposed to touch the feet of their mentors/teachers first then their parents. Hindu scriptures say that, like parents, the Guru is also worthy of worship. India is a country where truly believe in `Acharya Devo Bhava‘ (Teacher is God).


India is a place where teaching was considered more than just a profession, things are changing now, and that really bothers me.


And a small challenge: Can You Make It Through This Post Without Crying? If you can, you have no emotions.


Now let’s get our hands dirty by some excellent stats by Wikipedia


India continues to face stern challenges. Despite growing investment in education, 25% of its population is still illiterate; only 15% of Indian students reach high school, and just 7%, of the 15% who make it to high school, graduate.The quality of education whether at primary or higher education is significantly poor as compared with major developing nations. As of 2008, India’s post-secondary institutions offer only enough seats for 7% of India’s college-age population, 25% of teaching positions nationwide are vacant, and 57% of college professors lack either a master’s or PhD degree.


Teaching is a noble profession, don’t dilute it “jobless” Indians.

By Murtaza Amin

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