Don’t join any GD/PI classes before you read this

I am going to show you how you should go about choosing right classes/courses for your GD/WAT/PI Preparation. There are several factors coming into play
There are few factors you should consider

Now this is very important factor in choosing right coaching.

What are the different factors coming into play here

Your previous life experiences, strengths and skill-sets

Every person is different.

  • Some people were exposed to public speaking or debating or writing early in their career.
  • Some people are naturally good at it (Should I say gifted?)
  • Some people have gained enough experience or skills over the years.
  • Some people might have been exposed to GD/WAT/PI previously.


You need to identify where you currently stand and which skills you need polishing on depending upon B-school calls you have and calls you are going to get.


Sometimes, it also depends on institute specific call–whether you need polishing in GD or WAT or PI.
Some people may suck in all 3 areas, some people suck at only 1, some people might be good at all three.

It’s also important to determine, which skill you need to polish for your specific B-schools.

If you have IIM-C call, you just have to face WAT & PI, there is no GD, if you have call from SP-Jain, you might have to face some other thing like Psychometric Test, WAT & Group Interviews.

When looking for coaching classes/private tutors/courses look for this

1. Amount of Personal attention/personalized feedback you get

This is critically important.

If you have enrolled for coaching and if you have been getting generalized feedback ( and no tailor made feedback and suggestions for improvement specific to your condition, then it’s of no use)

I faced the similar problem. I got generalized feedback like “You just need more practice.” “You just need to improve on your communication skills.”
But how am I going to get there ?

No response. Stay away from such classes/tutors/courses.

That’s why I included this component exclusively inside one of my courses compared GD/WAT/PI Revolution Comprehensive where I have given step by step approach to improvement

2. Quality of material/lessons you get

This is critically important, your material should go into specific instructions about how someone can get from A—B and not generalized information which actually means nothing.


The classic principle I show in SOP writing is “Show—Don’t Tell

I can tell you this “You just need to write good SOP.” and your eyes will glaze over.

Why ?

I am not being specific—my advice is as good as nothing. Don’t buy something which doesn’t have specific step by step advice. e.g. I show students step by step research method to identify their short and long term careers. I don’t tell them just to go to Linkedin or talk to seniors. I give them ways to contact these people, I tell them which questions they should ask, I give them complete walk-through of Linkedin process.


3. Amount of time you have to prepare

If you are working professional or if you are a student, then decide how much time you have for preparation after you attend class/study the course.

It doesn’t make any sense if all of your free time is invested in classes.

The classic things I remember I heard long back when I used actively hit the gym.

Your muscles grow up the most when you sleep and not when you work out.

You need to ask yourself, are you getting enough time for preparation or not.I have made sure that if it’s taking too much time to go through this course, very few will actually complete the course.

To address this specific challenge, I have included concise notes for all chapters so that even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can just go through the notes quickly to get fairly good idea about particular lesson.


4. Location of coaching class/private tutor from your residence (i.e. check for traveling times)

When I was working in a job and had paid 10k for private coaching class, I had to travel 30 minutes from my home to class. I was already traveling 4-5 hours everyday for my job plus half an hour more for classes.

It just doesn’t make much sense and sometimes physically very taxing to travel so much when you are physically exhausted.

5. Peer group (who you hang out with)

It’s said that “Your combined income is average of 5 people you hang out with.

This is true when you join coaching class/private tutors.

Who is your peer group?

When I had NMIMS call, my peer group had calls from IIMs, FMS, SP-Jain and I was in the group of very competitive people. When you are in the company of people who are superior than yourself, you grow, you step out of your comfort zone and do miracles.

If they can get IIM-A call, I can atleast convert NMIMS, right ?
That’s why I created facebook group of like minded people. Join GD/WAT/PI Preparation Group here.

6. Ability to help average person to get results (not only results from people who are already experienced and smart)

This is very important.

When I had joined coaching classes for CAT in 2010, I was scoring very good score, of course, our center manager used to provide more attention towards me.

There is nothing wrong in focusing on top performers but if you are an average student like I was when I started preparing for GD/PI for first time, then you can’t expect to get to their level instantly, it will take time.

My question is if your coaching class or private tutor or course can help an average student to produce disproportionate results.

Forget about converting IIM, XLRI calls for the time being. You don’t care about others, you care about yourself.

Here are some of the results ordinary students achieved by going through GD/WAT/PI Revolution Comprehensive

rajCan they help average person like me or can they help only top performers ?

I have seen some private tutors who only coach people who got calls from IIMs, XLRI, FMS, SP-Jain. They consider helping other folks is waste of their time. Good for them.

If you come across such classes, please don’t join them.

7. Past year results

How someone can determine your future?

Most probably he/she will do it based on your past. There is nothing wrong in it, although sometimes, it’s not always true.

When you see the past results, see if those people were already in the top performers or they were more or less average.Some institutes run mass coaching class and then they claim having many of them converting the call.

You might see ads claiming 1500 students got into IIMs, this claim has no value. Which classes did they join ? Did the same coaching class help them or someone else ? Some classes even pay students and falsify their results.

The better idea in that case is to get honest opinions from past students and ask them these hard questions.

Look at the testimonials also. I am not talking about short and nonsense testimonials like this
The class was so good, my mentor gave me so much clarity on how to answer interview questions.”

Anybody can get such testimonials…
Are these testimonials convey any specific benefit ?
Are these testimonials detailed enough ?
Can I relate with them ?

How about this one ?
The brainstorming and hook identification were really refreshing and were quite different in approach from the conventional stale strategy used everywhere else. Your approach works for everyone and is not oriented towards a particular range of student.

Your Framework is not just about SOPs, it also helped me going deeper in my mind and finding out myself

You helped me a lot on every SOP Prep Trick and Interview Cracking Techniques that helped me crack IIM-Bangalore at 82.9% of CAT Percentile

More of them here


8. Your dedication level

This is the most important thing. No matter which classes you join, which courses you buy, if you are not dedicated enough to follow the guidelines, practice, persevere, then I don’t think any class/course can help you.

There is not a course/class or any system which will create magical results for you.

It’s irrelevant, what you choose because end result is pre-decided most of the times.

9. Fees

This is the least important factor that’s why I mentioned it at the bottom.
I overheard people saying things like this on Pagalguy

A: I heard (Class name-A) is giving 90% discount for those who scored more than 99%ile while (Class name-B) is only giving 20% discount.

B. What are you going to do then ?

A. I will probably go for Class A, it will just cost me 200 bucks


Price is important thing to consider but what’s most important is ROI.


What you will get, let’s say, if you put 5k or 10k in right coaching class, tutor/course. (I am not saying price is not important BTW)

If you can convert call for your dream B-school, then it will save you another year of frustration, agony, trouble of preparing again and again.

I don’t think it’s an Expense, I think of it as Investment. 

I have invested $3 on books and invested as much as $2000 on online courses which can teach me a valuable skill/knowledge which can be an asset for years to come.

I have past students telling me/coming to me asking for help even after they get into their Dream B-school. They still use part of the course to crack Summer Internship/Placement Interviews. What more you can expect ?

 You don’t get all these good things by endlessly mining forums or googling for terms like “free GD/PI tips” “how to answer why mba

Now, you know the process, let me tell you what other factors influence your selection in any B-school.

1. Coaching classes/private tutors/courses—mostly in control if you follow the process I mentioned


2. Your actual performance—mostly in your control (if you follow what I teach inside GD/WAT/PI Revolution Comprehensive)


3. Your competition—This is not in your control but you can give your best performance and beat the people from IITs/BITs/NITs.


4. Luck–Believe it or not. There is luck involved here. You might do exceptionally well but if your interviewer has already decided to select someone else or if your interviewer doesn’t like people from XYZ college/ABC company, then it might happen that, your interviewer won’t select you.


5. Other factors—not in your control. The factors like gender diversity, other biases, your graduation score, your stream, your work experience and other things which you can’t control fully and might play a role in converting the call.


If you use my method to select right classes/courses, then you don’t need to blindly accept to what others say.


If your process leads you to choose my course GD/WAT/PI Revolution Comprehensive, go ahead and purchase it.


Choose wisely, Convert the Best.


If you want to learn formula to hypnotically engage your interviewer bypassing his logical brain, I have created Irresistible Intrigue Formula





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