Distance MBA: is it really worth ?

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After writing two articles on Distance MBA we still found some aspirants and Ka keeda readers doubtful about going for distance learning. So here we are bringing you people’s view on distance MBA on various aspects. We went through various forums and gained their insight.


“The best part of a distance MBA is that you can work while you earn. It is ideal for one to pursue MBA from a premier institute in the country. It will help you to have financial success in career.”

“Today distance MBA is very good option because its very cheap and one more thing distance MBA  provide is the  same knowledge what we get through classroom MBA programs.”

“Distance learning courses for professional degrees such as MBA help working professionals maintain job-continuity through their academic endeavor. It gives students and working professionals the edge to thrive in the competitive business scape.”

Why do distance MBA?:

“Distance MBA preferably keeps your current activity ongoing, and still you get a chance to study further, acquire further skills and enhance yourself with upgraded techniques that accomplish market requirements in a better way. Distance MBA enables choosing multiple activities simultaneously. With distance MBA classification of current work and future work comes with closer demarcating lines. Offsite and Online education systems educate one for better workforce management.”

“For any working Professional time is the only constraint. It is always difficult to juggle between work, home and study. Hence, it is quite handy when student gets ready made study material. This is only possible through distance MBA.”

Big companies hiring Full-time MBAs?

“Its just sad that the so called big & good companies prefer hiring a full time MBAs. Though its a known fact that there are many non Full time MBAs or plain graduates who are much better than these freshly minted b school graduates who are much capable. Its also known fact that barring a few FTMBAs, the rest cant even execute simple tasks. But its the fault of the HR industry in India which has inculcated this habit of hiring FTMBAs.”

“Its just a perception. Even full time MBA students do not have any knowledge of business as well as management,but the distance learning candidates have practical knowledge and theoretical as well.Please do not think this,work on your competencies and knowledge, so the world you are the best,and if they are not hiring you,they are doing the biggest mistake and they are taking the wrong management decision.”

Why not distance MBA?

“Distance MBA is all about having a self-discipline, one of the crucial aspect in a student’s life. Many students are unable  to keep up with this quality. A very big reason for a student’s failure, I won’t suggest distance MBA to those students who are not disciplined.”

“I don’t like the way students are unable to interact with their peers.  Distance education is futile when it comes to idea sharing.”

“Distance education’s major disadvantage is the lack of peer learning. You miss opportunity of learning from other peer students, you miss the chance to participate in discussions, group works. But this is the compromise and flexible option where time commitment is lowest.”


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