Distance MBA: Introduction

What is distance MBA?

There are a variety of programs when it comes to opting for MBA. One such program is Distance MBA. Distance MBA has gained momentum in last two decades. It is estimated that over 100,000 managers all over the world are currently studying for a distance learning MBA.

In distance learning MBA one is expected  to attend class at some time during their studies. For the majority of the time, participants studying a distance learning MBA will learn via interactive video, pre-recorded video, teleconferencing and online or offline computer courses. Many distance learning MBA programs also require participants to organize meetings with their ‘online’ classmates as well as attending classes, usually held on weekends, at various times throughout the program.

Who should do it?

Distance MBA programs is gaining immense popularity among students today, and if you do it from a reputable university its value is becomes equal to a regular MBA degree. Mostly professionals or working officials enroll for this course. Academic knowledge along with work experience adds up to their career progress.

Distance MBA is also a boon for the students who have financial constraints. There are many professionals who enroll in Distance MBA because it is economical and convenient since one gets easy access to all information with the help of the internet. Nowadays several institutes utilize live interactive television technology, which helps students interact with the teachers and enables them to clarify their doubts.

What are its requirements and eligibility?

The most common criteria is that an aspirant should be a graduate. However, there are different expectations by different universities in terms of percentile. Most universities like S.N.D.T and IGNOU conduct their own examinations for selections, while others don’t conduct any.

There are also provisions for paying fees in installments.

How to apply?

Distance learning MBA programs, differentiated from online courses because while the majority of the study is via the internet, students are required to attend some on-campus sessions, exams and networking events, are becoming extremely popular amongst applicants.

To apply for the Distance Learning program in a particular college, a candidate is required to buy the Distance Learning MBA prospectus which includes an application form and a welcome kit.

After the payment of application fees, one has to appear for the respective exam or go for a walk-in-interview for selection.

Top colleges in India for Distance education:

1) Symbiosis Centre for distance learning

2) Sikkim Manipal University


4)S.N.D.T women’s university

5) Delhi University


Some famous colleges abroad for Distance MBA include:

Henley Business School, Warwick Business School, Open University Business School, the Durham Business School University of Strathclyde Business School, IE Business School and Aston Business School.

While the mode of learning might be more convenient on distance learning MBA programs, applicants should not assume that the entry requirements and workload are any less stringent or time-intensive than those of traditional programs.

However, while some distance learning MBA programs is clearly becoming more reputable, there will always be the risk that an employer could dismiss a degree based purely on the fact that it hasn’t been taught wholly on-campus. Due to that we will advice you to check college rankings, approachability of the classroom centers, cost of the program versus its acceptance in the market, alumni, etc before applying.

There is always something more to know, so stay tuned for our follow up article on Distance MBA: Is distance MBA capable of providing jobs?


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