Dissolve your DARD with SharingDard

This name appeals to “emotional pain” with a desi twist in it as it’s in the name MBA Ka Keeda or Pagalguy.
I felt the same way, when I heard about it exactly 2-3 months back.
To tell you more about this initiative, I have to go back to the story to tell you about what exactly happened.
When I started my website and as it started becoming more and more popular , many people started sending me mails, facebook messages to tell me how much they liked my story, how much they relate to me.
Today, I get average 1-2 message on a daily basis from various MBA aspirants because they want me to help them get out of the quagmire of anxiety, stress and depression.
I try to help them in every possible way I can but sometimes it’s a bit of overwhelming. It is not possible for me to talk to everybody and resolve their problems  and not the best use of my time, in fact if I do that on a daily basis, I would be doing disservice to a lot other aspirants.
So I was in search of the solution for the last few months and I think I have found the solution.
So it happened like this, I was talking to one of my friends from IIM-Lucknow through which I came to know about this initiative which has been carried out by his 4 batch-mates.
These 4 individuals have given up on their high paying cushy jobs to pursue this venture full time. The name of it is “Sharing Dard” the portal where you can share your experience and connect with like minded individuals who can possibly help you to get out of the mess.
The best thing is they have also come up with a unique and India’s 1st National level Tele-counselling service YourCandidFriend.
I just had a talk with 2 of their founders a couple of days back and we have decided to integrate this service on MBA Ka Keeda which is going to benefit countless such candidates before CAT and after CAT to deal with your emotional problems.
Their venture has been featured not only in one newspaper but in 5 prominent newspapers including Hindu, Hindustan Times, Dainik Bhaskar, Mumbai Mirror & TOI and also on yourstory.in which is a paradise for flourishing startups.
They have the best Psychologists and Psychotherapists at their helm.

Do you really need professional help ?

I don’t know check this video out and decide for yourself .

And for the limited time window, they have generously agreed to give a trial offer for MBA Ka Keeda Subscribers to check out their counselling service FREE of cost, you don’t have to pay anything , you just have to dial in during that particular time so you can avail of this great service.
We are doing this survey to evaluate emotions most MBA aspirants are going through at this stage.Fill out this quick survey. Don’t worry. Your privacy will be maintained and this survey won’t be published and only for our internal reference.

Check out this survey now.

Only subscribers can avail this offer and if they decide to go through our portal they will be given great discount  and much more , so if you want to know more about the details , click here to subscribe.
You will be notified about the updates on your mail. Make sure to check out this space soon.
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Sukrut is a passionate geek, internet visionary and a full time blogger, he has been teaching MBA students from the past two years, he is a chemical engineer by qualification,. Read my full story here



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