Companies that changed their original idea

Good companies start by selling what people want. Great companies adapt to what people want and start selling what they’re going to want. They may change their products or services over a period of time.



Started with : Punch card tabulators, massive mainframe computers and calculators

Now what they do : Software, consulting services, IT services


Started with : Mineral deposit for grinding-wheel abrasives.

Now what they do : Scotch tape, duct tape, Post-It notes, cleaning products


Started with : Personal computer

Now what they do :iPads, iPods, online music through iTunes, iPhones


General Electric

Started with : Electric inventions (Light bulb)

Now what they do : Gas engines, hybrid locomotives, HD CT scanners, ultra-sound devices, chemical sensors



Started with : photographic paper

Now what they do : toner, ink, software, scanners, inkjet printers and copy machines



Started with : Playing cards

Now what they do : Wii, Gameboy and other gaming systems



Started with : Hygiene and cosmetics products

Now what they do : Electronics

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