College is for Suckers

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College is not for suckers, it’s for the doers.


For all my life I have been taught to study hard, get good grades, always try to be the first guy to answer any question asked by the tutor in class, I have been asked to mug each and every question in the book and write it on paper on the D-day (exam day).

I ,like all of you out there reading this, was taught to work to pass exams, I lived in countryside with modest means, I was shocked when I read this on a newspaper one day.

One Silicon Valley entrepreneur was quoted saying “College puts constraints and limitations around what we can do.

He described it as a box that keeps people from truly getting to know themselves and fulfilling their dreams.

He said,”It is for those who do not know what to do in life.”

This shocked me, I wasted 4 years of my life learning something that become irrelevant with a statement made by a guy, I was stunned, but then looking back at time, I see, it holds good.

I was always told that a good GPA is a sure shot way of getting a decent job after graduating.

I had no idea of this keeda (thing) called start-ups, and I was not even bothered.

For me getting a degree is necessary to get a job, and so, was I taught, I have been forced to get A grades in whatever exam I applied for, I was asked that good grades guarantee good jobs in good companies. I knew everything I was supposed to know, till the date of the exam, looking back at time, I know nothing I learnt in my 9th or 10th or 12th grade. That’s how we are.

I was taught to just pass exams, nobody ever told me to study to understand, to reason.

In addition, that was irrelevant, as these things are never discussed in our education system; we talk about how 40% of Engineers in NASA are Indians (which is false).

We feel proud of the fact that a good number of Engineers work in US, but have you ever tried figuring out what kind of jobs?

I haven’theard of an Indian guy heading NASA, or Microsoft, or Apple, Google, or any other firm in that sense. And those who talk about Sunita Williams, she was born and brought up in US, studied and researched in Stanford, she was just an Indian by authenticity, nothing else.


And well, she was one amongst 1.2 billion, US/China/Germany are producing smart people every other day.

Our system only teaches us to get a job, the idea that a college degree is a way to get a job still holds well, though ironically.

I hear about these famous dropouts every day, how they are changing the world, but, taking a deeper look, all of them nearly are from USA and were for top notch universities, had the best of resources and the best connections, to bring their ideas to dream, but at the end they also needed people with degrees to help them realize their dreams, people who can code/develop business.

Startups are for those bravehearts who are ready to take that risk.

There are few special cases like Vivek Wadhwa, or serial entrepreneur like (Gurubaksh Chahal) Read his full story here

gurubaksh chahal

But I’m not concerned with all of these; I only care about making a decent living, getting a home. I have always been taught that your grades will decide your future, for me it was always about being the first guy to answer the question.

I have been born and bought up in a society where working hard is working smart.

I had no business background; nobody cared about practical real life work.

It was always about hypothetical equations. Nobody wanted to do something that might change the world.

We have been taught to find a company which can give you a car, a house, a decent six figure salary.

So, how do you expect reason from robots?

Robots only work the way you program them. Nothing else.Simple as that.


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