Whether you should leave JOB for CAT ?

It’s very tricky situation. Whether you should leave your job or not? The answer in the most cases would be you shouldn’t. While in some cases you really should but what to do if you decide to leave the job. I will try to answer this question in depth. First of all, in most cases […]

10 Greatest Lies about CAT Preparation

There are may lies that has been proliferating amongst CAT aspirant. They are not only responsible for their poor score but also responsible for wasting a lot of their time. This article will tell you more about these lies. If I study for more hours, I will get more percentile. (You don’t need massive action, […]

How to outsource your exam preparation to get into NMIMS without giving NMAT ? (Real Story)

outsourcing exam preparation

So you are probably reading this either because you have given NMAT and failed and want to get into NMIMS or you are planning to get into NMIMS this year.I want to welcome you because you are on the right page. And I am sure, at the end of this article, you will know the […]