“It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life” Lance Armstrong’s Ultimate Battle

lance armstrong

Entangled in doping controversy, stripped off all the seven titles in Tour de France still Lance Armstrong‘s story is extraordinary tale of greatness pushed to its limits, a vivid , as he faces his biggest test: a historic sixth straight victory in the Tour de France, the toughest sporting event on the planet.   He […]

Multitasking in a right way


Some people say Multitasking is useless , some people say otherwise. Today we’re going to learn how to multitask effectively without loosing compromising the quality of output.   For serious MBA aspirants, people in their jobs or people who are running their own business.   How to decide when to multitask and when not to […]

How to Double your reading speed in 10 minutes

Double your reading speed

If you want to double your reading speed within next 10 minutes then follow some simple steps. You can use it to read novels, highly sophisticated materials without any special skills. First time 20 seconds check normal reading speed with the help of a pencil and then count no of lines you read Your reading […]

What differentiates skillful person from successful person?


There are a lot of debates over this issue?   But what really differentiates skillful entrepreneur from successful entrepreneur?   A couple of months back, I happened to listen to one of highly successful entrepreneurs turned Angel Investor. He shared a few facts which startled most of the audience present there because they thought typical […]

The Richard Branson way


The 20-something kid racked up a resume that would impress no one: high-school dropout with poor reading and math skills, failed get-rich-quick schemes, long-haired, barefooted hippie, struggling business that led to two arrests and a night in jail on suspicion of tax evasion.     But as he turns 63 in July, Richard Branson’s life […]

Education in India and myths about it.

education system in india

Those who say we need to expand, please think again. Definitely we are expanding and expanding like anything in respect of anything apart from intellectual growth. That is headed by China. Universities, colleges are proliferating like shops. There are so many engineering and medical colleges that almost anybody who can pay a hefty sum of […]