XLRI Interview experiences and tips


Let’s talk about XLRI BM/HRM experiences. This post is based on the experiences posted by people on Pagalguy. Take this advice with a pinch of salt. XLRI is a B-school which puts more emphasis on your overall profile including your academic achievements, work experience, co-curricular & extra-curricular achievements, your XAT score (including essay) They are […]

IIM-Bangalore Interview experiences and tips

IIM banglore

This post is intended to help those people who got calls from IIM Bangalore. IIM Bangalore is one of those institutes which gives more emphasis on Academics. The last time I gave my CAT in 2011, almost all of the 100 percentilers didn’t get call from IIM Bangalore. Read “ Interview of IIM-B Guy” first. […]

IIM Confessions : Ultimate Bitchfest at large

ultimate bitchfest

So today, while I was reading Pagalguy and I came across  this article, I came to know about this facebook fanpage called ” IIM Confessions ” where you can send your IIM confessions anonymously. I found out some shocking things. I don’t how much of it is real but still I in(wasted) lot of my […]

Clash of the IIMs

clash of IIMs

Hundreds and even thousands of CAT qualified aspirants are in a big mess because of clash of interview dates with several prestigious institutes. IIMs, SPJIMR and NMIMS are one of those few institutes where interviews are scheduled on February 15. After the results of CAT 2012 are declared, various B-schools started announcing their call dates.NMIMS […]

No. 2 enemy of success revealed……

no 2 enemy of success

This post is about something very unique. We are going to discuss about no. 2 enemy of success. No. 1 is procrastination. But procrastination stems from this. Now I will not keep suspense for a longer time. I will let CAT out of the bag. Whether you are preparing for MBA entrance or preparing for […]

“R” rated techniques to crack GD

R rated techniques used in GD

Today, I am going to talk about some “R” rated techniques which you can use to crack your GD very effectively.  Some of these techniques I have learnt from CAT toppers. 1. Real Consider GD as a real corporate meeting. Treat it like a real happening. It will make you more alert and less prone […]

Trying times separate men from boys and women from girls

separate men from boys

This can be one of the most profound sentences I have ever heard. I have heard this line from someone who is special in my life and when I heard it for the first time, it didn’t really make any sense for me. And sometime afterwards, it really made sense.  Trying times really separate you […]

Is Management an Art or a Science ?

management  art vs science

This is one of the important questions you should be asking yourself . MBAs who call, consider themselves as Manager should read this first. Nobody should be considered as good Manager just because he/she is just an MBA. There are more subtle aspects to the word “Management”.   When MBAs think of the word “Manager” […]

Some whacky interview questions and some kickass answers

wacky interview questions

Have you ever encountered  an whacky questions on your interview where you felt that question was totally irrelevant. A couple of days back, I received a newsletter where it was mentioned about 25 weirdest questions asked in the interview ever. Glassdoor compiled a list of questions asked by major companies. I am just mentioning a […]

Startups by Dropout, an era continued….

startups by dropout

I pity all the Indian parents who think getting a degree is important for making a living, a recent campaign by The New York times really got me thinking, they were promoting“College is for suckers” and were distributing T-shirts for the same. It promoted the fact that degree is not an education (education is wisdom); […]

10 things I learnt while working for a start-up

10 things about I learnt after working for a startup

Working on startup sounds fun, not having anybody to ask you about being late, wearing casuals at work, watching football at work. But there is dull side at it.  Working for a startup is fun if you are open to be the CEO/clerk/office boy/cleaner/call center executive at the same time. Still planning a startup?  Consider […]

Must Have Online Tools for Freelancers (part time workers)

online tools for freelancers

Must Have Online Tools for freelancers (Students)   We all pick up bad habits when we work autonomously as a freelancer and these can have a detrimental effect on our income unless we address them properly and have a good solution. The first problem most of us suffer from is a lack of awareness of […]

How scamster politicians can make you more money than you ever imagined ?

scamster politicians

Do you know how scamster politicians control the vote bank ? Even most of the people hate them. We know they still manage to get in the top even nobody trusts them. They use this strategy called “Fear Induced” tactics to create fear inside their target audience. That fear is always present there but they […]

Why New Year Resolutions almost never work and what to do instead ?

new year resolutions

Have you ever gone through this phase? Where you were so pumped up, geared up and you did a lot of new year resolutions….and after a couple of days or weeks , you see yourself deviating from your goals and then you start losing your focus, then reality sets in….and then we forget our goals […]

Jugaad in India (Frugal innovation in India)


India has always been a product centric country, trying to innovate in every domain and making things as cheap as possible for their billion+ population which mostly is below the poverty line (earning 3rs/person/day) on the bottom of the average scale in rural areas (urban index is not included) Recently Sheila Dixit (CM of Delhi) […]

Why do you want to do MBA? Hmm maybe for more money but I am not very sure

why do you want to do MBA

I really find it funny yet intriguing sometimes when most of the people give some stupid ,stereotypical and off the cuff answers to some typical questions asked in every MBA interview. Today, we are going to enjoy these funny answers given by these students. Some answers are outright dumb, some are cleverly thought but actually […]

Story of KFC : Rejected 1009 times


Whether you like KFC or not, the story of Colonel Sanders is really inspiring.It’s an example of how perseverance, dedication, and ambition along with hard work can create success; regardless of your age.   He became world famous by marketing one of his chicken recipes.   One of the most amazing aspects of his life […]