How to ace CAT without screwing up your life ?

leaving high salary job

Most of CAT aspirants are infected with this deadly disease called “One-itis“. Their attention is so fixated only on “MBA” that they don’t even bother to have a look at their otherwise miserable life. Now this is not gross generalization but it’s reality for most MBA aspirants. I am going to show you how to […]

How to Score More Percentile by Actually Working Lot Less ?

80 20

There are only 3 ways to increase/maximize your percentile. 1. Increase Accuracy (Direct) 2. Increase Time you get to solve Extra Questions (Indirect) 3. Increase no of Attempts (Direct) How to increase your percentile using BCG Framework (or 80/20 Analysis) ? 1. High Time/Low Percentile (Lowest Leverage Area, do it only if you want to) […]

How to Bypass Interviewer’s Logical Brain ?

If you think you have been click-baited to read this article, then I must tell you upfront that it’s not the case.It’s actually possible to bypass people’s logical brains using certain methodologies which doesn’t include fooling them or acting against their best interest but the purpose of this is to get your message across in […]

Do you make these mistakes in Essays?


Why B-schools have chosen to opt for Essay writing instead of GD? It’s not just a random act, it’s a conscious decision. Because it’s very easy to bluff or cheat in GD if you are little smart but it’s not possible in Essay Writing. But there is only one problem with Essay Writing. Most people think it’s easy. […]

Conquering CAT 80/20 way


A couple of weeks back , I came across these great books which were based on Pareto Principle.( 80/20) And after you finish with your CAT, you should definitely check them out. Extremely valuable treasure I must say. 1. 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch Who the hell is Richard Koch ? Richard Koch is not […]

Super Productivity Secrets for CAT preparation

If you are just spinning your wheels but are not accomplishing anything, you need to read this. This is the compilation of my best kept secrets when it comes to CAT percentile maximization. Use them with caution as it can probably change the course of your entire life. a)     Clear Morning Anxiety : When you […]

MBA Ka Keeda : Inner Circle

MBA Ka Keeda Inner Circle

So there is a good news and bad news for you. As usual , good news first. The good news is MBA Ka Keeda is coming up with much coveted Inner Circle where you will get access to exclusive content. Get on the waiting list by going here The advantages of being a part […]

How to Increase Concentration with these Stupid Simple 2 Exercises ?

without concentration

As MBA entrance exams are approaching very fast, you need to have more concentration to focus on your preparation. Today, I am going to discuss two simple exercises to increase your concentration. As we know, there is nothing possible without concentration in this attention deficit world. Nothing meaningful can be created without optimum level of […]

How to Fart your way to Failure ?

fart your way to failure

Did I ever tell you the time I went through this horrible experience ? It was really an awkward experience. But there’s a lesson in this. Here’s what happened. I was in 9th standard, it was last period of the day. It was called P.T. period then (P.T. = Physical Training). We were performing exercise […]

Are 4 months are enough to prepare for CAT ?

4 months to prepare for CAT

Well, the answer is not definite. For some people even after their 10th CAT attempt , they think 4 months are not enough while there are some people who can crack it within 2 months of preparation, so it’s personal preference. You can’t say with certainty that any amount of time is enough. People want to […]

Distance MBA: is it really worth ?

Aspirants Speak

MBA ka keeda is soon planning to start with its forums. After writing two articles on Distance MBA we still found some aspirants and Ka keeda readers doubtful about going for distance learning. So here we are bringing you people’s view on distance MBA on various aspects. We went through various forums and gained their […]

Is distance MBA capable of providing jobs?

hiring manager

For many MBA applicants, the full-time versus distance learning debate is a pivotal issue. We have mostly  seen candidates puzzled when it comes to choosing distance MBA. As explained in the previous article, distance MBA is for students who can’t afford the heavy-pricing of b-schools. It is also for candidates who are employed but aspire […]

Distance MBA: Introduction

CAT preparation for working professionals

What is distance MBA? There are a variety of programs when it comes to opting for MBA. One such program is Distance MBA. Distance MBA has gained momentum in last two decades. It is estimated that over 100,000 managers all over the world are currently studying for a distance learning MBA. In distance learning MBA […]

One can be a genius, know everything, but if they get stuck up with the wrong questions their genius won’t take them anywhere.

shubhang agarwal

“Whatever happens, happens for a reason” We seldom realize this when things don’t go the way we expect them to go. But in the long run its inevitably true. Converting XLRI this year actually made me understand this. Last year was a big disappointment, not getting any IIMs converted and waitlisted at XLRI which didn’t […]

Is MBA all about doing Leadership?

MBA and Leadership

When we think about this word the initial figure that comes to our mind is a person with well-built attitude, courage and charming personality. A leader is someone that can hold crowd with the power of  his voice. He can lead and guide even in the worst situations. He never backs up, neither let his […]