Do you wake up in the middle of the night saying to yourself

Oh God, will I be able to make it this year? What if I couldn’t?
I don’t think it’s simple & I don’t want to waste one more year working in a job I don’t like.

Dear Working Professional

If you find yourself asking this same question almost every single day, then you need to read this letter very carefully.

Back in the time, every time I scored the lesser percentile, I said the exact thing to myself.

I gave dozens of mocks including SIMCATs, AIMCATs and what not, increasingly frustrated wondering why my percentile was declining mock by mock.

It seemed like I was putting more efforts and my percentile was showing exactly the opposite. It seemed like the end was near. Everything effort I put was all in vain.

After repeated failures, I started wondering it can’t be something wrong with AIMCATs or SIMCATs, my friends were scoring good percentile and ranking in topper’s list.

Was it just me?

I spent months and months in what I had done wrong & it blew my mind when I thought about it.

Next time, when I gave CAT in 2011, I received 5 IIM calls.

Let me show you what I discovered along the way.

Look at these messages & emails

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Chances are that you might have wrote similar things in the past or atleast thought about writing it once in a while.

Notice what they are doing

They know exactly what the problem is but they are not taking responsibility.

They are blaming Prometric, IIMs , Coaching Classes.

Be honest with yourself

Have you ever done this to you?

Even I was guilty of this myself. It reminds me of my own story but before I dive into it I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Sukrut Khambete. A few years back, I did exactly what you are currently doing.

sukrut new

The year was 2010 & I had pretty much given up thought of appearing for CAT. I was working in a dead end job, I had to commute 4 hours every single day to work place.

I was trying to prioritize my study over hectic work schedule.

I was in a serious dilemma whether I should quit my job or not. I never wanted to work just to increase work experience.

Time was running out and I wanted to leave the job really badly.

I had no backup options & I decided to play a big gamble.

Being overconfident of my abilities, I impetuously left my job.

Most of my friends thought I was crazy and almost sure that I could never crack any entrance after seeing my poor academic record in college.

Leaving the job was an easy part. I joined coaching class, bought 2 test series, already had bunch of study material from previous years but to my dismay

I was failing miserably.

failing miserablyHere I was working harder than ever, giving mocks after mocks but my percentile was not improving. Literally, my worst fears started coming true.

Here I was spending my money on test series, classes, applying to different colleges; I was going into the financial hole every month.

Advice: If you want to fail in CAT, do it comfortably working in your job, don’t do it studying 8 hours every single day without a JOB.

I somehow convinced myself that whatever elusive ingredient to major success was just missing. I was running out of time.

I knew somehow, in actual CAT I am going to spell a disaster & I did. I scored meager 83.94%ile.

One more year gone.

But over the time I learned, predictable ways to anticipate what should be done in actual mock or actual CAT and which strategy I should use, which questions I should attempt, which questions I should leave.

This is also valid for entrance exams like NMAT, XAT, SNAP and IIFT.

What I learned not only improved my process but also got me 98.47%ile. I even could have easily gotten calls from different top institutes.

This is not about %ile though, when I knew I am not at the mercy of IIMs & Prometric.

I could easily know what are my hidden success barriers which are preventing me from success by finding out my constraints using Break FREE

toc testimonialsnikhar

Inside Break Free, you are going to learn

1. Identify 7 types of Constraints holding you back

a. Misconception about making mistakes

b. Linear Thinking

c. Inefficient Work Style

d. Outdated ways of Preparation

e. Poor Choices

f. Psychological Constraints

It’s easy to quibble what these people are doing

Would you solicit advice from the person who has never ever studied for CAT ?

Would you solicit advice from the person who has never ever studied for CAT ?

hair lossJust look at the frank update I got recently

frank update

They are complaining, equivocating but not looking inside.

You have to ask yourself.

A few months from now, you will be giving CAT. If you continue to do what you are doing currently, you would have already wasted a lot of time. One more year will be gone.

You have two options

1. You can listen to me


2. You can always deny everything I am saying, keeping your head in sand leaving the life of complete denial.

If latter is the case. You are not right for my material, let me direct you to these sites. Be my guest.

People who commiserate never really learn it.

Enough is enough. Anyone can give CAT several times. You have to get better.

I can help you to create more time in weekdays and weekends even when you are hard pressed for the time by

1. Identifying 3 Deadly Time Thieves Robbing your Percentile

a. The “CHASER”

b. Rabbit Holes

c. Systemic Interruptions

How to just focus on “ONE Thing” that makes all other things less applicable or irrelevant ?

garv suri

garvI will teach you some strategies you can use to kick start your fatigued brain after slogging yourself in a JOB using Hack your Brain Peak Performance Guide plus will tell you how to create study habits (or any healthy habits for the matter) using principles of Advanced Neuroscience.

You are going to learn

1. Why forcing yourself to change your habits is one of the fastest ways to reduce your energy as well as Brain Power

2. Why Time Management is a Myth and what you should really manage instead ?

3. How to Hack your Sleeping Habits ?

vaishali gambhir

vaishali g

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In fact, I am going to show you how to systematically cure maths phobia using 7 step failproof formula to score 99%ile CAT Quant & DI guide

sivaji sahoo

You can also take advantage of “Percentile Maximizer”

After going through this book I have started to use that table format for analyzing my mocks,and also I used that piece to advice that how to start your exam so that not to mess up your whole paper.and of course that content of which topic is must do and which one is not..that was a life saver I must say.thanks once again


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In fact, I have received so many messages from people who always asked me whether they should leave the job or not, so I am also going to help you figure out this question

“Whether you Should Quit your JOB or not ?”

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2. What to do if you decide to Quit your Job ?

3. Instead of leaving a job, this is what you should do instead ?

shravaniIn fact, I am going to show you how you can use my Deep Research Methodology and Window Shopping Strategy to choose your Dream B-school.

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Last but not the least, you will know how to stop working hard and increase your percentile for good.

But the best part is you no longer need to worry about what’s going to happen in actual CAT or any other MBA entrance.

And most importantly, you will bag the most coveted calls you are hoping to get.


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working professionalsCheck Out CAT Preparation for Working Professionals

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. I am not a Working Professional, will this help me ?

Yes, it will. There are only 2 lessons dedicated to people who are working professionals, other 10-12 lessons can be used by almost anybody to boost their percentile, streamline their study habits and enhance their performance in actual CAT.

2. I don’t have debit/credit card to transfer money, what should I do ?

If you don’t have debit/credit card, then you can use other options like Bank Transfer, if that doesn’t work, drop me a mail and I will send you my bank account details.

3. How I am going to get all these lessons ?

You will get these lessons over emails and e-books delivered to your email id on every alternate day (just so that you can avoid information overload and overwhelm)

4. I am not able to afford it, do you offer some discounts ?

I don’t offer discounts (I rarely do that) The people who have already bought something will be sent their discount codes  over the emails but if you haven’t bought anything, there are no discounts.

If you don’t afford the price, don’t worry. Enjoy the free material at the moment, come back when you can afford but then price will not be the same.

5. What’s the Guarantee ?

It comes with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee but there are some conditions. You can’t just buy it, download everything and ask refund next day or week.

If you have any problems and if you show me you did the work and it specifically didn’t work for you, I will give you cheerful refund with no hassles.
If you are planning to get it all free by asking refund just after purchasing it, please don’t purchase.

Here’s what you are going to get

1. 7 Step Fail-proof Formula to Score 99%ile in CAT Quant & DI

2. How to Create 2 Additional Hours Every Single Day ?

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4. Whether you should Quit your JOB or not : A Detailed Guide

5. How to Deploy Percentile Maximizer Sequence ?

6. Uncommon Road-map to Finally Choose your Dream B-school

7. How to Out-think your Competition ?

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working professionals

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