CAT Preparation for Working Professionals

Usually most of the people who appear for CAT are undergraduate but higher conversion ratio found in people who are working professionals.

Various people attempted to write on this topic, I am not going to tell you the same rehashed thing what others have told in their posts. I am going to give you advanced level tips you may or may not be aware of.

It’ll include everything from test preparation to time management. Most people know how to do test preparation but they don’t have any idea about time management and if you  these tips I am going to give you, it won’t only change your CAT results but it will also improve your life.

If you find yourself wasting too much of your time which you can utilize for your CAT Preparation, I have created a resource

A Simple Brain Hacking Formula to Create Additional Two Hours to your Weekend and Much More to Your Weekdays without having to create worthless time tables or cutting back on your sleep.

Working professional get very less time to study for CAT because they are working for 5-6 days a week, some people get 2-3 hours a day to study for CAT and it’s very important to manage your energy and time to do it properly, the resource will come in handy.

Discipline is the key to success, if you are not willing to go under the pain of discipline then you probably should not be reading what’s coming next…..

But if you are determined for your success and willing to do everything to make it happen then please go ahead…

Study Plan

Create the schedule and stick to it no matter what. Don’t create schedule which is crammed with study and no time for rest. No matter what you do , you are not going to stick to it.

You should consistently take renewal brakes to re-energize yourself quickly.

Plan to study more time on weekends ( Saturday/Sunday) i.e for 8-10 hours.

I have created a series of lessons you can use to add additional two hours to your weekend for CAT Preparation.

Add Extra 2 Hours to Your Weekend Now

Enroll for a test series from TIME/IMS/CL/Testfunda which provides you chance to attempt full length as well as sectional tests.As it’s not possible to attempt Full Length Tests on weekdays so keep them on Weekends or Days where you get half-day or full day off.

When you attempt the test, make sure you give enough time on analysis, don’t give tests for the sake of it. Analysis of every question, where you have gone wrong and where you have gone right.

If you have gone wrong , make sure you find out the reason, whether you misunderstood the question or you didn’t understand it all….

If you are right, check out for the short method if there is any and use it next time.

I have created a Guide for those who want to dramatically improve their Quant & DI Percentile,

Learn 7 Step Failproof Formula to Reach 99%ile in Quant & DI by Identifying your Problem Areas and Make Permanent Long Lasting Changes for Consistent and Predictable Performance.

GET 7 Step Failproof Formula to score 99%ile in CAT Quant & DI Here

Nowadays, all these test series have this inbuilt feature of tracking your performance and you will get idea that in which section you are lacking, identify it and work on your weak areas.

Always track your progress. Make excel sheet for your full length mock tests and track your performance. Take a printout and stick on your wall and see how you are fairing in this exam. Make sure you do full analysis of your full length Mock tests.Don’t even attempt of doing anything till you are finished with analysis.

If you are weak in Logical Reasoning, you can use external measures to improve upon your weak points. Make habit of solving Sudoku and Puzzles.

If you are weak in English, (Don’t read the Newspaper), read good blogs like Seth Godin, Mashable, Motleyfool etc. and business books, don’t waste your time in reading fiction books or fancy magazines.

Measure your accuracy, accuracy is more important. Many people prefer attempting too many questions wrongly than solving few questions correctly.

Don’t waste your time in solving most difficult and time consuming puzzles which almost never appears or will appear in CAT.

If you are not able to solve a question after a few attempts, don’t waste too much time there. Here is a reason why.

How to get Rid of Anxiety ?

If you are preparing for CAT or other MBA entrance tests, there are times when you feel very anxious, almost to the level where you feel death scared. Believe it or not, it affects your performance. Sometimes, it may even cost you a whole year. You might have idea about how your ANXIETY can take control of your life and ruin your test performance.

If you want to reduce anxiety, these steps will show you how to get rid of your Anxiety once and for all.

Get your Hands on Anxiety Hacks

Tips about Managing Energy

I have written an article a couple of months back, you can read it here.

Wake up early in the morning , eat healthy food, eat 4-5 times a day, drink atleast 3-4 litres of water every single day.

Exercise for 15-30 minutes daily, meditate daily.

Don’t read newspaper when you wake up and make sure you never read it. ( In Newspaper, there is average 1 good news per 13 bad news) .

Don’t watch TV unless you are gaining some valuable knowledge.

Don’t waste your energy with negative people, people who gossip and people who are good for nothing.

When you are tired, exhausted or frustrated, I will encourage you to listen to Holosync Audio or Paraliminals which I personally use when I am going through one of these phases, it will quickly rejuvenate you and you will gain all your energy back. It has immensely increased my productivity and my mood. I even need less sleep if I listen to it while I sleep.

If you want to listen to that audio for free , put your name and details to get free access to “FREE Productivity Toolbox” in the box at the end of this post.

Tips about Managing Time


Peter Drucker said once “Work in focused blocks of Time.”

Use 60-60-30 Rule. Study for sixty minutes, take 10 minute break in that break don’t watch TV, don’t start facebook, relax, drink water or meditate. Then again resume study for 60 minutes and then take a break for 30 minutes.

There is an acronym for this called


CHASER is a good name because as we’re enacting the pattern in order to “chase” a feeling.

By engaging in a CHASER, we chase the relaxed feeling we want… not into actual rest… but right into  the jaws of increased stress and anxiety. Reading news, checking email,browsing through facebook,  consuming sugar or caffeine, or playing video games does not relax and de-stress a person at a deep level. These are counterfeit relaxers.

They are actually more stress dressed up in the appearance of fun, interesting mind-candy.

When we given tests online , there are a lot of distractions like facebook, instant mail etc so we tend to spend more time on such relaxers instead of actually resting.

I learned this from Eben about productivity. If you want detailed report on Productivity,Time Thieves, read till the end of the post, and put your name and details to get free access to “FREE Productivity Toolbox” after reading that report, your productivity will double within next 60 days.

Another Resources

Use this technique to double your reading speed.

Also one important thing is create Mastermind Group as you may or may not have read Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich”, he talks about this concept in great detail. Make sure you connect with working like minded individuals in your office, college or community and study along with them, it will make sure you will get to learn what everybody else is doing and learn from their mistakes.

Now if you want to get ” FREE Productivity Toolbox” put your name and email in the box below to claim your free complimentary gift.


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