But why MBA?

A sizeable fraction of the current stock of students pursuing bachelor’s degree have their hearts set on an MBA degree as soon as they graduate, irrespective of what they are studying right now. Another sizeable fraction has an MBA on their horizons somewhere down the road. Ever wondered why there is this sudden rush to be an MBA graduate?

Of course, there is the obvious reason that it is a career-enhancing move. A business administration degree adds value to your CV and qualifies you for a host of jobs with plum packages. An MBA after a few years of job experience is said to be even better because it enhances your chances of promotion. In addition, it is a great way to prepare yourself if are planning to branch into a completely new career trajectory. This degree equips you with a whole lot of general business acumen that can be put to use in almost any industry, thus granting you with a skill set that is universally employable.

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Well, the most asked question ever why do an MBA after graduation?

An MBA degree from any top notch B-school is like a brightly coloured feather in your cap (read here how two IIM-A grads started selling sabzi and made a Million $ business out of it). Most employers know how hard the B-schools make you work. The fact that you went through the entrances and then two years of rigorous study at a B-school is an indicator of your level of commitment. The employer knows your worth when he hires you. You have excellent brand value and are believed to have excellent leadership qualities that the employer knows his firm can benefit from. Moreover, it is a good place to be networking. The brand of a particular B-school links you to a host of alumna and batch mates and juniors who you may not have known personally, but who are placed in various positions across firms and would be willing to trade favours just because you come from the same alma mater.

Most people think that B-schools teach you to crack case studies and come up with innovative solutions to knotty business problems. They do teach you all that, but the learning in a B-school have another dimension that is very crucial and not something that is pure knowledge. It is the environment that they provide you with/the people around, All top B-schools in India, well actually all B- schools, have a very high pressure environment that pushes to achieve your targets and achieve them better than others. These two years of dealing with assignments and deadlines rather prepares you for the real time high voltage, high risk, high money situations you may face in a workplace. In addition, all prestigious B-schools have tough to crack entrance tests that skim out the very best minds. Therefore, you are at a place where everyone is an achievement oriented, type-A personality, much like what you would face in a workplace. The projects and assignments that you are given out to complete as a team, builds in you soft skills that you would need to handle a work-team and lead them to successful completion of a project. Moreover, these are skills whose use is not limited to your job but help you in other aspects of life as well.

If you are thinking of an MBA degree, remember that you have many benefits to reap. So do work hard and push yourself in the right direction.

This is a guest post by Mr. Amardeep Saini, who is a editor at talkedu

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