Believe me: I want to become a consultant


I have a good friend of mine, who whenever asked what he wants to do always says “I want to become a consultant” . I am hearing his B.S. for last 4 years but he is not sure in which field. He said he will decide it after he finishes his MBA. I didn’t ask any more questions to him because I didn’t expect more than some stupid rehearsed one liners from him.

I respect him as a friend but I hate such people who gives others such nonsensical answers. He is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are many such self-proclaimed consultants out there who after passing out from B-school never join consultancy or join some mediocre consultancy. What more you can expect from them?

Let it be.

So what’s the reason behind this? Lets analyze.

I have many of my friends who are either doing MBA or have completed MBA from top notch MBA colleges.

So what happens when you get admit into B-school?

When people get admission in fairly decent B-school, their actual nature starts to magnify. Ego takes place of the pride, arrogance takes place of attitude. They perceive themselves as a someone others look upto, in addition to that, if they get admission into IIMs, XLRI, FMS or other top colleges, they instantly become so smart that they can’t take disapproval from someone. Their receptive system tends to shut down and whatever they hear which attacks their basic beliefs ( which are based on some false assumptions), they just ignore it. It stops them from receiving any further advice from someone more learned. Although everybody doesn’t do this.

So how their inner desire of becoming a consultant suddenly erupts ?

Consultant : An expert who gives advice

It’s human tendency that we get fascinated by the words or things that we don’t understand, so some blindfolded aspirants get carried away by these things and suddenly they desperately start to justify this act.They become so obsessed with the word “consultant“. They talk to some seniors or someone actually working in a consultancy to make assumptions to justify that decision.That’s why many of such moronic fools always whenever asked what do you want to do after MBA say “I want to start my own consultancy”.

They also start using some jargonic words while they talk to someone to higher their perceived value & self image. They crave for attention from their peers, friends, relatives, because most people don’t understand what it means to be a consultant so they perceive them as a higher status.

They start visualizing themselves as a consultants, walking in the aisle and dressed in White with Blazer on.

As it’s very easy to bash people, I admit that I also went through this phase.

I went through this stage of idiocy when I heard of a term called “Investment Banking”. I thought Investment Banking is the most sought after and coolest profession in the world , I met a few people who praised the greatness of Investment banking as the best profession, I started visualizing myself as an Investment Banker and I also was fascinated by the same, but truth came out when I met so many people who actually shared with me the dark side of Investment Banking , i.e. long stretched hours, stress,working on weekends, then I came to conclusion that I want to go into Investment Banking but I don’t want to screw my life, so the bubble burst off.

I am not saying investment banking is a bad profession , it’s a really good profession but you should know INs and OUTs of it. Then only you should decide what you want to do.

It’s sometimes good not to decide which field you want to go after MBA, because many people change their interests after getting into B-schools, they suddenly start liking finance when they stated earlier that they want to do career in Marketing.

When you ask someone what they want to do after MBA?

If they say they want to start consultancy or they want to become a consultant.

Ask these questions?

  1. Do you know what exact work consultants have to do? (Don’t accept jargonic answers, ask them to be specific.)
  2. Have you read any basic books on consulting so that you have basic idea of consulting?( e.g. McKinsey way or Ace the Case etc) If no, ask them, have you done your due diligence and research before you took your decision.
  3. Which field you want to start your consulting? At least ask them to zero in on some broad field. Just consulting is a stupid answer.

If they can’t give you any firm answers on any of these three questions. First of all, slap them really hard(I mean it) and walk away or you can always pretend to become excited so that his/her ego will get the boost.

Take a closer look at this article to see a perspective from former management consultant on how hyped up management consultancy is.(Don’t get offended, it’s not my view)

consultant hype

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