Why you need to spend more to earn more


“Spend more to earn more” . It looks like a counterintuitive advice but believe me it’s not.   Probably you are hearing it for the first time. Let me clarify.   People may take wrong meaning from this. It’s not advising you to spend more than what you earn. It just advises you atleast make […]

Gurbaksh Chahal : From Bullied Kid to Multimillionaire Serial Entrepreneur

Gurubaksh Chahal

Bullied intensively & threatened by classmates, having no friends to hang out with, rejected from a job interview at Mc-Donald, dropped out from high-school at the age of 16, Gurbaksh fought against all odds to start & sell his own advertising firm at the age of 18 for $40 million.   In his book “The […]

Companies that changed their original idea


Good companies start by selling what people want. Great companies adapt to what people want and start selling what they’re going to want. They may change their products or services over a period of time.   IBM Started with : Punch card tabulators, massive mainframe computers and calculators Now what they do : Software, consulting […]

Waking up early : Secret of high performing Entrepreneurs,CEOs and Sportsmen


Successful people in every field are often said to be “blessed with talent” or even just lucky.   But the truth is, many worked harder than the average person can even imagine.   Many high performing entrepreneurs & sportsmen are known for waking up early and working toward a goal while other people are still in bed, […]

5 ways to increase your confidence


There are handful of strategies for lifting your spirits and boosting your confidence during tough times. Some are quick and easy, others require a longer-range commitment but all of them work.   Do something out of your comfort zone :You will get a real sense of accomplishment out of doing something that will challenge your […]

I decided that how many ever attempts I take, I just wanted to go into IIMs

Nikhil Sabnis IIM Bangalore

Says Nikhil Sabnis who is currently doing his PGP (Majors in Finance & Marketing) at IIM Bangalore. He has graduated from VJTI & has work experience of 18 months in Accenture before he joined IIM Bangalore.   Can you share a little bit about your experience in your IIM Bangalore days?   The past one […]

“It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life” Lance Armstrong’s Ultimate Battle

lance armstrong

Entangled in doping controversy, stripped off all the seven titles in Tour de France still Lance Armstrong‘s story is extraordinary tale of greatness pushed to its limits, a vivid , as he faces his biggest test: a historic sixth straight victory in the Tour de France, the toughest sporting event on the planet.   He […]

Multitasking in a right way


Some people say Multitasking is useless , some people say otherwise. Today we’re going to learn how to multitask effectively without loosing compromising the quality of output.   For serious MBA aspirants, people in their jobs or people who are running their own business.   How to decide when to multitask and when not to […]

How to Double your reading speed in 10 minutes

Double your reading speed

If you want to double your reading speed within next 10 minutes then follow some simple steps. You can use it to read novels, highly sophisticated materials without any special skills. First time 20 seconds check normal reading speed with the help of a pencil and then count no of lines you read Your reading […]

What differentiates skillful person from successful person?


There are a lot of debates over this issue?   But what really differentiates skillful entrepreneur from successful entrepreneur?   A couple of months back, I happened to listen to one of highly successful entrepreneurs turned Angel Investor. He shared a few facts which startled most of the audience present there because they thought typical […]

The Richard Branson way


The 20-something kid racked up a resume that would impress no one: high-school dropout with poor reading and math skills, failed get-rich-quick schemes, long-haired, barefooted hippie, struggling business that led to two arrests and a night in jail on suspicion of tax evasion.     But as he turns 63 in July, Richard Branson’s life […]