Trying times separate men from boys and women from girls

separate men from boys

This can be one of the most profound sentences I have ever heard. I have heard this line from someone who is special in my life and when I heard it for the first time, it didn’t really make any sense for me. And sometime afterwards, it really made sense.  Trying times really separate you […]

What Top Sales people can teach you about cracking Personal Interview ?

chet holmes

So I was reading the story about a complete nerd person—the women laughed at , tortured and humiliated by almost everybody—once got a date with one of the hottest girls in town who was the cynosure of all the eyes. The rest of the guys were dumbstruck. People really wondered, how did this guy get […]

Is Management an Art or a Science ?

management  art vs science

This is one of the important questions you should be asking yourself . MBAs who call, consider themselves as Manager should read this first. Nobody should be considered as good Manager just because he/she is just an MBA. There are more subtle aspects to the word “Management”.   When MBAs think of the word “Manager” […]

Some whacky interview questions and some kickass answers

wacky interview questions

Have you ever encountered  an whacky questions on your interview where you felt that question was totally irrelevant. A couple of days back, I received a newsletter where it was mentioned about 25 weirdest questions asked in the interview ever. Glassdoor compiled a list of questions asked by major companies. I am just mentioning a […]

Un-sexy secrets of a super dude interviewee who converted all IIM calls

super dude interviewee

Do you know what it takes to convert all IIM calls ? I came to know about this guy a couple of months back who converted all of his IIM calls. I will not disclose his name as he doesn’t want or need any publicity. What were his secrets? Before I tell you his secrets, […]

Toppers mantra.


Vaibhav Kher who is currently pursuing PGDM from S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR) in Manufacturing & Operations Management. He is graduated from VJTI specialized in Electronics Engineering. He has worked in Siemens India for almost 3 years before getting into S P Jain. He has learned German for 4 years upto advanced […]

How scamster politicians can make you more money than you ever imagined ?

scamster politicians

Do you know how scamster politicians control the vote bank ? Even most of the people hate them. We know they still manage to get in the top even nobody trusts them. They use this strategy called “Fear Induced” tactics to create fear inside their target audience. That fear is always present there but they […]

Some typical interview questions and some un-typical answers

typical untypical

So you are familiar to questions asked in MBA interview, I covered it earlier in the post Why do you want to do MBA? But there are more questions which are unanswered, today we are going to talk about such candidates who give weird answers to some commonly asked questions. What is your weakness? Dumba** […]

Why an Epic-fail attempt to impress interviewer can actually backfire on you?


Have you ever tried to impress an interviewer ? I also had the same intention when I started preparing for MBA interviews. I also gathered some facts and figures to throw at some point of time to impress the interviewer. I thought it would work. It did upto the certain limit then it kind of […]

When Interviewer can catch you off guard and screw you up?

screw you

I am embarrassed to admit this but it’s true. Once upon a time, I had a call from one of the MBA colleges. Being my first call, I was very excited. I joined the classes, they helped me to prepare well for GD and PI. I prepared for frequently asked questions(FAQ) in the interview and […]

Why New Year Resolutions almost never work and what to do instead ?

new year resolutions

Have you ever gone through this phase? Where you were so pumped up, geared up and you did a lot of new year resolutions….and after a couple of days or weeks , you see yourself deviating from your goals and then you start losing your focus, then reality sets in….and then we forget our goals […]

How to TRICK interviewer in asking you questions you want him to ask : Use it wisely or fail

control the interviewer

Have you ever went through an interview where interviewer was asking you questions which were totally out of context. You may have stuck at that point of time. You are well prepared for certain questions and interviewer is asking the questions out of blue. For some questions, you don’t even have a clue, for some […]

6 inherently stupid ways to royally screw up MBA entrance

6 inherently stupid ways to screw up MBA entrance

Everybody knows how to crack MBA entrance but there are some ways where you can actually screw up your MBA entrance. Today we are going to learn about 6 inherently stupid ways to royally screw up MBA entrance. If you apply these techniques in real practice, you will be astonished by the results. You will […]

7 innovative ways to crack MBA entrance when you have little or no time

time crunch

        Exams like CAT, IIFT & IRMA may be over but still some MBA entrance exams are still pending.        Today, we are going to learn about some innovative ways to crack MBA entrance when you have very little time at your hand.      Make your basics concepts very clear.       Many people just don’t […]

I was of the view of doing my best and not being too perturbed how my best ranked with the others

avinash nayak 1

Says Avinash Nayak who has completed his PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad in General Management. He is graduated from UICT specialized in Chemical Engineering. He was a fresher when he was selected in IIM Ahmedabad. He is an avid reader, debater & most sought after public speaker. He is currently working as an Analyst in Accenture […]

Why do you want to do MBA? Hmm maybe for more money but I am not very sure

why do you want to do MBA

I really find it funny yet intriguing sometimes when most of the people give some stupid ,stereotypical and off the cuff answers to some typical questions asked in every MBA interview. Today, we are going to enjoy these funny answers given by these students. Some answers are outright dumb, some are cleverly thought but actually […]

Journey of my failure and what I learnt from it


Have you ever felt completely frustrated and aggravated so you feel like just completely giving up and bailing out on the idea of being successful at what you do? I sure did. Many times. There were times where I would check my mock test results and be in tears saying to myself, “Why I am […]

Story of KFC : Rejected 1009 times


Whether you like KFC or not, the story of Colonel Sanders is really inspiring.It’s an example of how perseverance, dedication, and ambition along with hard work can create success; regardless of your age.   He became world famous by marketing one of his chicken recipes.   One of the most amazing aspects of his life […]