How to outsource your exam preparation to get into NMIMS without giving NMAT ? (Real Story)

outsourcing exam preparation

So you are probably reading this either because you have given NMAT and failed and want to get into NMIMS or you are planning to get into NMIMS this year.I want to welcome you because you are on the right page. And I am sure, at the end of this article, you will know the […]

Have backup plans, even if you go for CAT

Asad Ali standing in Movie Theater

Exploring options apart from CAT would help people to identify back up plans and would reduce their dependency on just a single exam like CAT. Says Asad Ali who recently converted his NMIMS and IIM-Shillong calls and waiting for IIM-Indore results.He was working at Infosys as a System Engineer. He is a fitness freak, believes […]

Weird Admission Criteria by IIMs, Toppers Suffer

No IIM A and IIM B

As CAT 2012 final results are out , you can check out the results here. The recent news has ruffled many feathers as most of the toppers (100%ilers couldn’t convert much coveted A, B calls) See this statistics Areesh Mittal : IIM-C Anshul Garg : IIM-C Ravi Teja Palla : IIM-C,L (Waitlisted for B ) […]

The Truth about Summer Internship

truth about summer internship

As April begins, most of the MBAs have started their Summer Internships in different companies. Many have started working on their projects while some are still getting comfortable in the environment. Recently, I spoke with few of my friends from Top Tier IIMs and other prominent B-schools in Delhi about their experience and which gave […]

Trust Me : I am lying

trust me I am lying

Do you know there is a question which is when asked in the personal interview, almost every MBA aspirant lies about. No matter how smart he/she is , no matter how intelligent he/she is, that person almost always lies. This magic question start with ” WHY“So the questions being “Why MBA?” “Why Sales and Marketing […]

The skills that can be taught in the B-school

skills learned in b-school

A couple of days back, I have written an article on What they can never teach you in B-school ? Today, we are going to talk a little bit about the skills which can be taught in the B-school. These are some skills which you can learn throughout your MBA experience of two years. These […]

Why IIMs are struggling to place students ?

IIMS struggling in placements

This year’s placement season was lackluster for IIMs. There are some factors which played an important role in this.Some of them being the formation of new IIMs, large batch sizes, economic downturn and many more. There were different reasons for different IIMs. Let’s understand further. No matter what happens, there are and there will be […]

IIPM Hypewagon scam : 9 reason why it sucks

iipm hypewagon scam 9 reason why it sucks

So a couple of weeks back, our own ponytail hypemonster and (un)official blabbermouth of IIPM decided to block all the articles which were exposing IIPM and its modus operandi.  He was also featured on a famous news channel where he tried to block other speakers using his nonsensical approach. Watch this video here ( if […]

Investment Banking : A Career Choice

investment banking

Investment Banking is a very fancy word. Most of the MBAs want to go to either Management Consultancy or Investment Banking, because both of these fields are very challenging in nature and requires a lot of efforts, but in the end, rewards are substantial. Investment Banking is one of the highest paid professions. It’s all […]

Management Consultancy : A Career Option

Executive MBA

So if you are one of those who are honest enough to accept that you haven’t yet zeroed in on any specific career path, then you may think of doing some challenging yet fulfilling work along with substantial money before you decide what your calling is then you are on the right page. When we […]

IIM Calcutta Interview experiences and tips


This post is based on the experiences posted by people on Pagalguy. Take this advice with a pinch of salt. IIM-C is a B-school which puts more emphasis on your CAT score alone while giving you a call, the process is divided into WAT and PI. WAT topics are offbeat , understand them first and then […]

XLRI Interview experiences and tips


Let’s talk about XLRI BM/HRM experiences. This post is based on the experiences posted by people on Pagalguy. Take this advice with a pinch of salt. XLRI is a B-school which puts more emphasis on your overall profile including your academic achievements, work experience, co-curricular & extra-curricular achievements, your XAT score (including essay) They are […]

SP Jain Interview experiences and tips


This post is based on experiences posted by people on Pagalguy. Take this advice with a pinch of salt. SPJIMR is a B-school which puts more emphasis on your overall profile including your academic achievements, co-curricular & extra-curricular achievements, your CAT/XAT score. Check Out SP-Jain Topper’s Interview here Psychometric Test is a part of the […]

IIM-Bangalore Interview experiences and tips

IIM banglore

This post is intended to help those people who got calls from IIM Bangalore. IIM Bangalore is one of those institutes which gives more emphasis on Academics. The last time I gave my CAT in 2011, almost all of the 100 percentilers didn’t get call from IIM Bangalore. Read “ Interview of IIM-B Guy” first. […]

IIM Confessions : Ultimate Bitchfest at large

ultimate bitchfest

So today, while I was reading Pagalguy and I came across  this article, I came to know about this facebook fanpage called ” IIM Confessions ” where you can send your IIM confessions anonymously. I found out some shocking things. I don’t how much of it is real but still I in(wasted) lot of my […]

How to write a kickass essay even if you suck at writing ?

suck at writing

This is the follow up article for yesterday’s post. You can read earlier post here. If you master some of these principles, I am sure you will sail through your essay writing easily. Make sure you read it a couple of times and consciously practice it. Don’t be under the impression that, after reading this […]

Clash of the IIMs

clash of IIMs

Hundreds and even thousands of CAT qualified aspirants are in a big mess because of clash of interview dates with several prestigious institutes. IIMs, SPJIMR and NMIMS are one of those few institutes where interviews are scheduled on February 15. After the results of CAT 2012 are declared, various B-schools started announcing their call dates.NMIMS […]

No. 2 enemy of success revealed……

no 2 enemy of success

This post is about something very unique. We are going to discuss about no. 2 enemy of success. No. 1 is procrastination. But procrastination stems from this. Now I will not keep suspense for a longer time. I will let CAT out of the bag. Whether you are preparing for MBA entrance or preparing for […]

F.A.Q. for personal interview

f.a.q. in personal interview

When you start preparing for the interview, you will start preparing for some basic set of questions which will help you to build the foundation. These are the few questions I have compiled from different areas in your life. Commonly asked questions I. Personal A. Background 1. Tell me something about yourself. 2. Tell me […]

“R” rated techniques to crack GD

R rated techniques used in GD

Today, I am going to talk about some “R” rated techniques which you can use to crack your GD very effectively.  Some of these techniques I have learnt from CAT toppers. 1. Real Consider GD as a real corporate meeting. Treat it like a real happening. It will make you more alert and less prone […]