Are part time MBA’s still worth it?

Three years ago, Suhail Shaikh applied for a part time MBA from a prestigious institute IIM-A, and did complete the course in defined time, he thought it was a fancy degree to show off In his resume and might get him a raise.
He started applying for jobs online in different companies and got calls from almost all of them, but he adds- one thing that shocked me, was that the moment they hear you did an online course, and boom, their reactions changes, for them part time MBA’s have no worth.
One of the major reasons being : anybody can apply and get admissions in part time MBA courses, there are a lot of prestigious institutes providing part time courses for 4 to 8 Lakh rupees, no entrance tests, no admissions on merit, the only merit here is the Vitamin M.
Apart from this the other reason why are employers are unimpressed is that unlike the regular course, there is no discipline in this course, people don’t take things seriously, there is no pressure to begin with, Or there are no what if’s, things are smooth.
Though the best part is that students are working, and are learning new things every day, but they miss the diversified opinions and exposure to the world.
Many students take up these courses thinking that it might give their career a boost, but after wasting two years and a lot of money, they realize otherwise.
What they have to understand is, MBA is not about the Diploma, it is about the exposure, it is the learning which you will not experience in any online MBA program, but as compared to this, let me add some thoughts, a traditional MBA in IIM’s would cost you somewhere around 20 Lakhs, which is thrice what you will pay for an Online MBA.
You can save those 15 lakh for your expenses and start working for any start-up company for three years with the same money, you might not get what you could make in any established company, but the exposure would be ten times higher, the learning would be better…
There are greater chances of you making more money at the end (if you stick to the start-up) as compared to working for a company.
How you can make more money while working for a start-up?
Alok Kejriwal, the startup guru explains this on his personal blog (The Rodinhoods, a community for budding entrepreneurs) here
Nevertheless, do not go for this option for full time MBA, if your current employer is ready to sponsor your part time MBA, this might be a very good opportunity and an advantage for loyal employees to reap their work.
There is no conclusion to this topic, this is relative to everyone, and food for some is poison to others.
Choose wisely (and if you can’t, you don’t really deserve to be an MBA anyways: P)
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