Are 4 months are enough to prepare for CAT ?

Well, the answer is not definite. For some people even after their 10th CAT attempt , they think 4 months are not enough while there are some people who can crack it within 2 months of preparation, so it’s personal preference.

You can’t say with certainty that any amount of time is enough.

People want to know the exact strategy for CAT preparation. They want to know books to be read. How many mocks they should attempt before actually giving CAT.

Well, to clear this air, I want to tell you that there is no exact strategy which will fit for everyone. Everybody is from different background , everybody has different life experience so there is no perfect strategy for everybody.

But , fortunately , there are certain guidelines which you can follow.

  1. If you are thorough with the basics, then all you need to do is practice more and more mocks with analysis. Also try on improving speed and accuracy.
    For Quant , I have developed a resource called ” 7 step failproof formula to score 99%ile in CAT Quant effortlessly “ 
  2. If you are a working professional, then I have written a comprehensive post especially for you here along with a gift specially for you and you can also read the strategies used by some people who have cracked IIM-A and IIM-B code. In case if you want read full interview of someone from IIM-B who converted 100% of calls she received, download the full interview free ( a girl who converted 100% B-school calls)
    I have created a course “CAT Preparation for Working Professionals” check it out.
  3. If you are not very good at basics. I will request you to go through the resources provided to you by your classes whether it’s CL, IMS, Time and Testfunda. BTW, out of all these, testfunda gives a lot of free stuff and it’s really awesome. Subscribe for their FREE membership.
    For Quant, part from downloading my free resources mentioned above, you can refer to Arun Sharma’s book.
    For Logical Reasoning, testfunda has great collection of puzzles for FREE. You can also refer to Martin Gardner‘s book “Logic Puzzles” and also try solving Sudoku every single day without fail. If you can solve Sudoku easily, most of the Logical Reasoning problems become a cakewalk for you.
    For Verbal Ability, you can read some good books ( don’t read Harry Potter or Chetan Bhagat type books) like George Orwell’s 1984 or Management by objective by Peter Drucker. Try to read variety of topics , don’t stick to the topic of your liking. If you are from Science background, don’t get caught up into Science articles, read about technology, philosophy, finance, marketing , literature etc.
  4. Practice CAT papers on your PC, laptop or tab. Get well versed with reading and solving by reading on screen. Don’t put too much emphasis on using old pencil and paper method.For online preparation, Mr. Ravi Handa has created this fabulous online course for Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Ability, for more details, go here.
  5. Focus on final goal of CAT, don’t get distracted by temporary setbacks. Even if you can’t get good score in some mocks, so what ?
    Don’t let that mock take over your entire preparation.You should be confident on your preparation rather than your mock scores. Don’t care too much about normalization. Solve all past CAT papers from 2004 to 2008.

The last thing I can say is keep your mind open and calm during this period. Don’t get distracted by how marks other people are scoring. Stop looking at what other people are getting. Focus on yourself. Make sure you are progressing. Don’t talk with negative people, associate yourself with people who are scoring high marks. That’s my 2 cents.

I have written an article CAT Preparation for Working Professionals, check out.

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