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This is the story by Naman Nema who is currently pursuing his MBA from IIM-Ranchi

naman nema

An IIM day from bed to bed


       A fountain playing with water, and its propinquity with smell of blooming flowers, sound of singing birds, blow of cooling breeze, act of rustling leaves, feel of freshness mixed with the first resplendent ray of the sun making every single creature zippy zingy and zesty.




What to say, that’s the way, IIM Ranchi starts its day

…. Hey DUDE kahan kho gaye it’s time for the college man. OH… the scene was so mesmerizing and sanguine that I can’t hold
the spark of my poetic emotions. By the way my name is NAMAN NEMA and I will be your raconteur and make you feel nothing but IIM Ranchi.
The mesmerizing scene I described above is the first scene that an IIM Ranchi student experience from the balcony of his royal hostel room. I am already late so will talk on the way, let’s take shower and get ready for the college.
It’s time to have something solid for the first break. But what’s there in today’s menu, is it recalling south by Idli, sambhar vada
or is it the chatpata chola bhatura of the north, it can also be recollecting west by simply jam and bread, every food feels finger
licking good, especially when it is time for the lectures.

These are our fully furnished AC classrooms which cools all the pressure cookers down from bursting. I think Sir can take a surprise quiz today, na… he has not completed his chapter yet okk let’s see (Murmuring on the way to class).
Entering the class quiz papers on the table, boys and girls you have 15 minutes to complete the quiz paper. Oh my goodness, now I can readily see the change of expressions on the faces of the students ‘SURPRISE QUIZ’ the name itself is so heavy but we are habitual to all this now so chalta hai.
Let’s have lunch quickly because now it’s time to have some guest lectures from some experienced and well versed people who can share their life experience with us and also give us some sense of what is waiting for us in the corporate world.

Quizzes, guest lectures, visiting faculties, libraries, books, faculties, FRA’s, presentations, role plays,  etc..etc. After all these intellectual nourishments now it’s time to leave again to the regal place and  get refreshed, Table Tennis, Carom, Gym or just a simple walk anything would serve the purpose.

Also there are students Clubs and Committees meeting lined up in the evening where we all can vomit our creative thoughts and try to come up with new ideas.
After dinner at 9:00 pm it’s time to have some chit chat with friends and family. But not for a long time because there are some
other so called ‘SACROSANCT’ things to do. The word sacrosanct where it has originated from, we do not know but we know
that the ‘deadlines are sacrosanct’ and if it is not then the people here do not spend their whole night on their Lappies
completing their project to submit on the deadline which is 23:59:59.

The figure of 23:59:59 no one can tell you this better than an IIM Ranchi student who has respected and worshiped it because it is the time when we have to mail our project and presentations. If one is feeling hungry while working late at night then he can always visit the hostel canteen, where he can satisfy his hunger by eating anything of his choice. By the way Maggi is the main course of these sleepless nights.

Here in this happy place everything is exciting from getting up from the bed to getting again to the bed, but now it is enough for today I think that the excitements are also feeling somnolent and the atmosphere itself is so soporific so let’s take a sound sleep for more exciting experience tomorrow, so good night everyone, sweet dreams…

Thak..Thak (Door knocking) “Naman open the door, our group has a presentation tomorrow we have to work on that yaar…..!!”

So Let’s get up dude because in the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away ……man excitements always exists but never exits ….that’s life, appreciate it, adore it, applaud for it.

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Sukrut is a passionate geek, internet visionary and a full time blogger, he has been teaching MBA students from the past two years, he is a chemical engineer by qualification,. Read my full story here




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