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Dear MBA Aspirant,
If you have ever felt you are playing a losing battle in your CAT ?

Not Able to Achieve Consistent Percentile in Quant & DI.

  1. No matter how many test series you join.
  2. No matter how many classes you take.
  3. No matter how many books you buy.
  4. No matter how many section tests you take.
  5. No matter how many hours you are studying.

Then, I want to tell you One Important Thing. It’s only going to get worse day after day, week after week, month after month.

The chances of it getting better are 5 in 100, so better stop playing the losing game because odds are not in your favor.

I was in similar situation a few years back. To be exact, it happened in 2010. I was studying full time for CAT, working 8-10 hours every single day getting sucked into percentile Black Hole.

A Black Hole with No Possibility of Return.

black hole
So I started working twice as hard only to see marginal improvements which were not at all consistent.

I never knew how I was going to score in actual CAT because literally I had no idea how to crack the code of consistency.

Now, you might be thinking,

I just want to score 99%in Actual CAT.
I don’t care about my mocks/practice tests but to tell you the truth they actually matter.

They are performance indicators.

Now I am not at all saying that they are true and authentic indicators. But YES, they are broad indicators, so you won’t suddenly go from 50%ile to 99%ile in a week’s time unless there is some hidden genuine reason for your poor performance.

So What to do Now ?

How to Crack the Code of Consistency ?

How to Make Sure you Get Percentile as Close to as You Predicted ?

Is there a Way ?

I believe there is.

Only if you constantly monitor and analyze your Progress throughout.

How is that Possible ?

IIMs have made your JOB simple.
As CAT became online back in 2009, you have Major Headstart.

How ?

It’s just a matter of Strategy and Real Time Feedback.



Let me give you an example.

Digital Photography.

Do you know how many people suddenly became Good Photographers after Digital Photography was invented ?

Before the advent of Digital Photography, that field was heavily guarded, a lot less people were really good and most of the crowd had no idea about the professional photography.


Do you know WHY ?

Because , there was no real time feedback.

As soon as it was introduced in Digital Photography, it spread like wild fire.


Same with CAT.

As soon as CAT became online, it instantly became easier for you to track your progress.

1. How much time you spent on wrong questions?

2. How much time you spent on right questions?

3. Where you could have spent more time or viceversa?

And a lot more.

So I have created a Resource to help you crack the Code.

Introducing 7 Step Failproof Formula to Score 99%ile in CAT Quant & DI.

7 Step Failproof Formula

It’s a 11 Page Guide explaining all the 7 steps you need to reach 99%ile.


Step 1 : Attempting Strategy
Step 2 : CAT Mindset
Step 3 : Identify Your Current Standing
Step 4 : Categorization
Step 5 : Identify Weak/Strong Areas
Step 6 : Identify Bottlenecks
Step 7 : Accuracy or Attempts ?

Once you Master these 7 Steps, you will start seeing consistent improvements in your Mock Tests.

sivaji sahoo

Plus I have Decided to ADD this Bonus, i.e. Visual Mindmap. Mindmaps are good for Faster Learning & Revision plus you don’t need to go to book again to find out the steps. You can take a Printout and Stick it on your Wall, it will look like this

7 step mindmap


Does that mean everybody reading & applying it will get 99%ile and above ?

No. It won’t and if you are secretly hoping that to happen then probably this is not for you.
If you are struggling with 70%ile ,it will help you to get 85 or 90%ile, if you are stuck at 90, it will help you to get 95%ile and above without joining more classes or more test series.

I am a Newbie, can I get benefit from it ?
Yes, infact, if you are newbie, you should be the first person to take advantage of it ASAP and start integrating it into your Mocks to see the results.

I am Pretty Experienced Player , what will I get from it ?
If you are well versed with CAT, you might be in a situation where you aren’t able to score beyond certain percentile. No matter how many attempts, mock tests, section tests you give. Then this will help you identify your constraints and break those patterns.

Plus I am throwing these Bonuses which you will love

Process Maps which you can use to Systematically Analyze your QA and DI Questions. You can easily categorize questions into multiple categories like questions you want to revise, questions you should leave etc etc.

See this short video to understand what I mean

Ultimate CAT strategy Cheatsheet ( straight from IIM-A guy who scored 99.93%ile)

What you are going to learn

1. How to Develop your own CAT strategy ?

2. What you should do in first 3 minutes of paper ? Almost nobody ever does this and why doing this can be the defining factor for your success ?

3. Which section you should never start with and end with ?

4. How to deal with temporary setbacks ? What to do when they happen ?

5. How to develop right balance between no. of attempts and accuracy ?

CAT strategy chronicles (straight from IIM-C girl who scored 99.94%ile)

1. Why covering the entire syllabus is the Big Time Hoax and what to do instead ?
2. How to improve weaker section, especially if its Verbal Ability ? (without using any tricks or latest gimmicks)
3. How to ensure you are on right track to crack a top B-school call ? ( If you are doing either of these 2 things, then you are on the right track, if not, you are out of the game)
4. Why attempting more questions = more percentile is the biggest lie you have heard in the long time ?
Ultimate CAT Quant Competitive Edge (straight from IIM-A guy)
1. Laughably Simple Technique to steal competitors percentile using this Specific Data
2. Forum infiltration method to find out smarter methods


Yes — I totally guarantee your satisfaction with 7 Step Failproof Formula to Score 99%ile in CAT Quant & DI. In fact, I back it with a 100%, iron-clad, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied — for ANY reason — email me within 30 days and show me you did the work. I’ll refund 100% of your money. No catch. No questions asked.

That’s a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days. Where else can you test-drive a program guaranteed to help you to score more percentile in CAT Quant & DI without banging your head against the wall.

I’m so sure you’ll love it & if you get a refund, I invite you to keep the entire thing. That’s how confident I am about this program.

If you have ANY doubts about this program, just send one email and you’ll get 100% of your money back. I’ve taken all the risk so you can see how well this works.