7 innovative ways to crack MBA entrance when you have little or no time

        Exams like CAT, IIFT & IRMA may be over but still some MBA entrance exams are still pending.

       Today, we are going to learn about some innovative ways to crack MBA entrance when you have very little time at your hand.

     Make your basics concepts very clear.

      Many people just don’t concentrate on basics. Their basic concepts are not clear they want to solve most difficult & complex problems. Most entrance exams don’t ask difficult questions but they ask questions based on some basic formulas.

    Try to find short method to solve any problem

Trying to solve problem using brute force method or conventional method is not advisable everytime but CAT toppers tries to solve most of the problems using some unconventional methods

    Don’t only learn from your mistakes but also from your correct answers

Major mistake almost all aspirants make is when they get any answer correct, they don’t bother to check , if their method was really effective/time saving or right. This makes them more prone to make errors in future.

    Avoid solving complex, difficult and time consuming problems

Before giving your MBA entrance , first decide what is your aim. You can possibly have two aims

  • Crack MBA entrance exam
  • Get ego boost or get kick by solving most difficult and time consuming problem

I am sure you are not giving exam to satisfy second aim. If you are there to fulfill the latter, please do me a favor and leave this site immediately.

    Don’t compare your results with anybody else but with yourself

You are not giving exam win competition against your peers. You are giving MBA entrance to get admission in decent MBA college.I suggest compare your performance with your previous performance.

    Don’t take  a long break to study prior to CAT (7 day is reasonable)

Some working professionals tend to take longer breaks but let me tell you frankly…Longer breaks don’t work & personally nobody takes break to study full portion. Break is taken to revise the whole portion and take a look at the mistakes and solved problems

   Don’t try to perfect any concept at the end or don’t rely on any crap and long useless formulas to help you

MBA Entrance exams  are competitive exams not your college exams, so any amount of cramming formulas or studying at the last moment is not going to help you in any way. Don’t try to learn any new topic in last seven days.

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Sukrut is a passionate geek, internet visionary and a full time blogger, he has been teaching MBA students from the past two years, he is a chemical engineer by qualification,. Read my full story here



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