6 inherently stupid ways to royally screw up MBA entrance

Everybody knows how to crack MBA entrance but there are some ways where you can actually screw up your MBA entrance.

Today we are going to learn about 6 inherently stupid ways to royally screw up MBA entrance.

If you apply these techniques in real practice, you will be astonished by the results. You will screw up each and every exam royally and you will spell doom. Very soon I am going to release post on advanced screw up techniques which will lead you to ultimate failure. Stay tuned for that.

Now, lets dive into this.

Expert’s opinion

Visit P****guy to see posts by “experts” authors who always predict cutoffs but don’t clear a single exam. If you believe in every Tom Dick Harry in your way, consider them as an expert. Your failure is guaranteed.

Secret sauce

Don’t attack each and every problem with the intention of solving it with a formula, technique or some secret ninja tactic. Such methods can only give you the edge over others but your basics should be very clear. Nobody can get long term success by relying on some weird tricks. Although it will give you good results in the short term. Don’t read this if you are faint hearted.

Overly curious

Curiosity killed the CAT. Well, curiosity can kill your chances in all MBA entrance exams you will give. Don’t run behind the questions which raises your curiosity.

Time Keeper

This is one of the underrated aspects but I know some of my friends were not allowed to sit for the exam because they were late. Even if you are not ousted, you always have that pressure in your mind that what will happen if I am not allowed to sit. So always be on time.

Ego Booster

Some serious egotistical MBA aspirants always try to show off heir expertise (actually stupidity) by trying to attempt most of the questions even when they can’t solve it and eventually end up failing or getting much less marks than their actual potential.

Van Wilder

Some people always do wild guesses, no matter what. Why? It is really cool according to them. Why? It gives them sense of (false) accomplishment. I had one friend who used to do this in each and every exam, now he is giving his 5th attempt at MBA. (If you want to know who he is and if you want to know his strategies, comment below)

I am sure you have understood all the ways to royally screw up MBA entrance exams. Please practice these techniques deliberately and if you fail, I will put your experience here. So what are you waiting for , go and take some action.



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