10 things I learnt while working for a start-up

Working on startup sounds fun, not having anybody to ask you about being late, wearing casuals at work, watching football at work.

But there is dull side at it. 

Working for a startup is fun if you are open to be the CEO/clerk/office boy/cleaner/call center executive at the same time.

Still planning a startup? 

Consider your decision twice, before getting into it.

Entrepreneurship is a scary journey, you have to travel the road less traveled (alone) to create milestones for others.

However, those who travel the unknown roads are remembered forever!

Though, Columbus would have had a rough journey discovering India, but that is why he is remembered until date, right? Otherwise, who cares?

Christopher Columbus

There is no financial security in the 21st century anyway, why not test the deepness of the water with both the legs in the river at the same time?

Start-ups are rewarding for those who are ready to walk the extra mile and learn the hard way.

Here, I want to share 10 things I learnt while working for a start-up.

1.It’s not about the idea, it’s about the execution.


You might have the greatest idea on planet, but until and unless you find equally smart people who share the same passion as you do, are ready to join you, and start working, that idea is nothing but a fantasy.

Again, it is about the execution and not the idea, look at how Flipkart tackled the e-commerce market in India, it was never about selling cheap product, their focus was on customer first. And that is what they stand for today, their delivery chain is the best in India, the only reason why flipkart made it and not any other company is the “execution“.

2.You can only learn by DOING, no business plans works, no degree works.

You might have an MBA from IIM’s, have already worked for a couple of companies, but startups are different, you can’t plan things.

Don’t waste time on thinking, plans don’t work, you have to get into the market to understand the market, the only way to learn how to do business is to actually do it. No book will help, everyone who claims to teach you “how to startup a business in 30 days” is fooling you.

The only way to actually learn is by experimenting. Theories don’t work, ideas need to be revised according to the market.

And as a I always “Go kiss the world“.

3.Don’t be scared, there is enough for the doers at the end.

Don’t be scared, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, even if you fail, that’s not the last thing in life, there are a lot of startups who need your advice, I’ve had three failed startups before I started up MBAkaKeeda and 99Mistakes, but I don’t call it failed startups, I prefer calling them bad experiences.

And trust me, I’m getting paid for my advice to startups, and its big money.

4.Stop meeting people and seeking advices from every guy you meet, it will only add up to your nightmares, the key to success is to follow your heart, no matter what.

Every Tom, D**k and Harry is there to tell you why your idea won’t work out, stop seeking answers from all of them.

5. You are not alone.


Once you have a startup, you will realize for every Google, there are atleast  9 million bad experiences.

But the only key to making a successful business is try, don’t be scared, you are not alone, there are millions of people like you who are sitting in a dorm and trying and experimenting with things.


Bill Gates once said at a commencement speech in Harvard, “I’m not scared of you guys sitting here, I’m scared of a guy sitting in his dorm, writing code, and not losing hope even after failing, I’m scared of him.

6. Find a mentor at the first place.


Don’t be the noise in the startup ecosystem, to be the leader, follow a leader as they say.

Always make sure you have a mentor to guide you at rough times, he is the one who will keep you going at bad times. He will be the one who will fund you if necessary.

7.Don’t look for funds without the prototype ready and samples on place.

This is the most common mistake people do, start finding an investor, they directly start calling up investors in India, VC firms in India, nobody is going to fund you so easily, everyone loves their money.

Show them some money, cross the breakeven.

And also (nobody wants to fund ideas unless you are building the next Google)

8.Have faith in something, God/Ideas/karma/Yourself.

Don’t lose hope, at the end, even if you fail, you learn.

9.Don’t be scared of failure, be scared of facing yourself.

At some point of time, we all lose hope, never let that happen to you, always stay focused, and never think of anything less than what you thought of while starting up.

10.Things might go wrong.

Ok, I wanna rephrase my above sentence, things are bound to go wrong, people are not going to pay you money on time, friends won’t help, you will find it difficult to keep the business running, if this doesn’t happen, then you might worry, otherwise it’s normal.


And if you are up for a fun journey that is eventually going to change your life, and you find the above written points interesting, go find a startup, and have fun.

Some free gyaan, you will learn a lot about the people who really care for you when things don’t look smooth.

Money? Yes, if the companies gets acquired, or goes public, you make your M$(Moolah) too


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