10 Greatest Lies about CAT Preparation

There are may lies that has been proliferating amongst CAT aspirant. They are not only responsible for their poor score but also responsible for wasting a lot of their time.

This article will tell you more about these lies.

  1. If I study for more hours, I will get more percentile. (You don’t need massive action, you need minimum appropriate action.)
  2. If I give more mocks, I will get more percentile.( You need to analyze all of them baby, before you can think of giving next one)
  3. If I take weekday slot, I will make more percentile. ( Mental Masturbation, nothing more)
  4. I should complete the whole portion before I start giving full length mocks. ( It’s a vicious circle)
  5. Certain no. of days are required not to prepare for CAT. (Nobody ever completes the portion, it’s a myth which keeps you in the same place.)
  6. I should be expert in everything to get IIM calls. ( Example of Total Loserdom)
  7. If I attempt or solve the most difficult question , I will get a special reward from IIMs.( GPL , if you know what I mean)
  8. I should mug up all formulas because if I don’t remember any important formula at the time of the exam, I will screw up. ( Yes, that works in CMAT or other stupid entrance exams, not CAT)
  9. I need attempt all the questions in order to get more percentile.( Yes, but they should be correct )
  10. I need to scout all the forums in order to know/predict the type of questions, cut-off. ( Unless, you don’t have other productive things to do and ready to repeat CAT for next 5 years)


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